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Nublar Battles InGen Ceratosaurus vs In Gen Allosaurus

Explain why the dinosaur you chose won
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Happy holidays!!

This is holiday nuetral. Happy Holidays to people from all places, different beliefs, all races because I don't care where you are from but you are human and that is enough for me.
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Baby Blue sniffing my cat

I finally got the "Interact with Baby Blue" to work on my phone one of the first pictures I took was this. I wanted to get a good picture but my cat noticed me and rubbing his head all over my hand. Oh well at least I got a good picture.
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Is the DPG List the complete list of every creature ever cloned by InGen and Masrani?

I was just wondering, so maybe Jack Ewins can confirm this. I think there may have been more species cloned by InGen that do not appear on this list because they were let out in general. But maybe this list is the complete list of every creature brought back from extinction.

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brachiosaurus wiki weight profile change

brachiosaurus wiki weight profile change

weight 30 ton? no. the wrong.

proper weight 56 ton

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Holoscape panel

Talked to Ewins about it and here's what he said about it. No confirmation of whether or not the animals are canon or not, but I might get it.
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The best JP 1 scene

  • 6 foot turkey
  • Welcome to jurassic park
  • Velociraptor birth
  • Feeding
  • Lunch
  • Cars/triceratops
  • Trex breakout
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Theories?? Thoughts??

An audition is lowly surfing around of Shannon Coe as Lockwood's daughter for the third Jurassic World film in a flashback scene. Is it real? What do you think??? I'm not sure https://youtu.be/-3mD2V9S3zM

Jurassic World 3: Maisie Lockwood Audition
Jurassic World 3: Maisie Lockwood Audition YouTube
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Make an exhibit for Jurassic World!

This is basically an activity where we make exhibits for a non-cannon Jurassic World. Basically you can either draw an image or use Google drawings or something like that and make an exhibit.

The rules are:

*No repeat animals

*All dinosaurs must be contained

*Exhibit does not mean enclosure, but do not include more than 10 species

My exhibit:

A small island in the middle of a lake that you walk to via a large path (orange) which splits into two viewing areas (gray boxes). The enclosures are both swampy and one houses a lone Spinosaurus and the other houses a pair of Baryonyx and 5 Dilophosaurs.

Thick black lines: concrete walls

Blue: water

Green: land

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Do i leave or not

I thinking about leave this fandom. Maybe theres no place for me plus im really busy with my fanfiction
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JPNN: Announcement


Well, as you may recall I ended my Carnosaur/JP movie reviews. But I did mention that still would be making movie reviews. Now, you probably would be asking, "what movies?" And my answer to that is: rip-offs.

Since 1993, there is been something I call the J-affect. What it is, is that when a Jurassic Park movie is released there has been a massive boom in dinosaur toys, video games, and most importantly, movies. 25 years ago, the first movie to cash in on Jurassic Park was Carnosaur. Since then, many many films have been made it to cash in on the success of the big film franchise, that are completely trash. These films are usually those movies you find on rotten tomatoes that have a 2% rating. The most infamous of these films did not come out when the first Jurassic Park movie was made but but win the last two movies, Jurassic World, and Jurassic World fallen kingdom, where released. These films range from pretty bad, to unholy. Some like, Jurassic prey, Jurassic attack, triassic world, Jurassic city, predator X, Solder/saurus and Area 407, rattle the mind, and cause people to do bodily harm. So, I have taken it upon myself to try to review these films, no matter how bad they get and no matter how much they make me want to throw up, and stab my eyes out with knives... pretty gruesome huh? Well that's what crap like this does to people. You may think I'm stupid, but if you want to know what these movies are like without seeing them, I'll have them ready for you to read. I'll be going through the films chronologically, starting with the oldest to newest. In fact, there have been three new movies released this year to cash in on Jurassic World fallen kingdom: Jurassic prey, Triassic world, and the Jurassic games

Without our the way, what Jurassic Park knock off movies have you seen? So far, I've pretty much stayed away from them only seeing one known as raptor Ranch A.k.a. the dinosaur experiment a.k.a. Jurassic dark. Also give your rating to the films that you've seen in the in the replies.

*two finger salute*

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Nublar Battles INgen Baryonyx or INgen Carnotaurus

Explain why the creature you chose would win
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what is the best JP game

  • Jurassic park the game
  • JP builder
  • Operation genesis
  • JW builder
  • JW evolutions
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Should Teratophoneus appear in Jurassic world 3

hi guys i am here with another discussion post and i think it would be cool too see the Teratophoneus  in Jurassic world 3 because i can picture alot of cool scenes with it like a capture scene or a river raft scene which would be a great reference too the novel or a fight scene with it fight a Suchomimus or allosaurus and maybe even a scene where it kills some Mercenaries. so make sure too leave your throughs down below and have a nice day.

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My favourite jurassic park game

Operation genesis. I say that because I played it in 2015, and it was the most fun game ever. I play it to this day, and I'm so happy about it. Ever since jwe came out, however, it's not as popular. It's still popular, getting mods, etc. I hope that in the future we get jopg with more dinosaurs
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• 12/7/2018

Jurassic World 3 Thought

What if in the new movie of Jurassic World 3, instead of making new hybrid dinosaurs since Trevorow said "No more hybrids", what if Dr. Wu will give the dinosaurs a formula that will turn them all into weapons and become killing machines?
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• 12/7/2018

How dedicated are you to the Jurassic Park franchise??

Many people say they are very big fans of the Jurassic Park franchise, but can't even remember the names of the five movies. And me saying that isn't trying to be rude. Far from it. Other people also thought that the in Indominus Rex was a velociraptor, and and others thought that I.Rex was just a T. Rex. And to go further, I've literally heard people call Ian Malcolm "The "Must go faster" guy." This of course shows that there are very few people that are very dedicated to the Jurassic Park franchise, which is quite sad. So, I wanted to test everybody, and see how dedicated to the franchise they are. I've put together a poll of different possibilities that I think could possibly ruin Jurassic Park, and make people leave the series entirely.

Note#1 These are all what I think would spoil it, not necessarily YOU.

Note#2 On option four, what I mean is introducing LGBTQP+ characters into a family film, like Star Wars has done(much to the displeasure of some people). I have almost NOTHING against the community, but I feel it would be unnecessary.

What would make you leave the Jurassic Park franchise?
  • It taking the route of once big films like Scorpion King or Tremors?
  • It becoming foolish, and start pumping out crappy, low-budget films?
  • It trying to retcon itself, and reboot itself?
  • It trying to appeal to the LGBT+'s?*see note #2*
  • It doings things like dinosaurs in space?
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