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Found it!

This is the first Jurassic Park Game that was released in 1993 and now I am playing it!
Have you played this game? If yes, then please share your views!
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Mosasaurus vs Megalodon

If megalodon and Mosasaurus would have met each other in the same period, the two would have engaged in a bloodthirsty battle. What do you think who would win.
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A news to share

Now we are having a festival and we here have diffferent themes. One theme I have seen "Jurassic Park". They have Blue, Delta, Echo, Charlie but they should have asked me before doing that.


In my city, no no, in my state I am the only Dino-Expert!
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Questions on JP

1. How were flames burning on the big door when Dennis Nedry was escaping?

2. As the first Raptor was attacking Ellie Sattler, a light bulb was on and thanks to my eye that I saw smoke coming out from that light bulb. That happens when the light bulb is on for more than 3 hours. How could that be? The park had been shut down about one hour back and the power also went off. Why was the bulb hot then?
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Movie recommendation

So, I think I'll watch my first Jurassic Park now, to see what's it all about, though I don't know which one is the best to watch, with some movies is best to start with the first, with others right down the middle, you gentlemen recommend which one?
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Prehistoric Game

This is a game where each person can name as many dinosaurs as they can until they run out of ideas. Hybrids are included too.

I will start with 4 dinosaurs.
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Two different colored Carnotaurus theory. Theories Ep.7

In Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, we got to see 3-4 Carnotaurus. We all know that one member of the species had black and orange on it while the other's have more red than orange in their faces. What does that mean? Are these two different variants or different genders. I personally think the ones with the red faces are the males while the one with the orange and black heads are the females. To me, this makes sense, it's likely the heavily scarred one is a male, it's very notable to see a male carnivorous dinosaur to have scars, like the Buck Tyrannosaurus rex, with the black and orange being the females. This also makes sense since male Carnotaurus were bigger than females according, to scientists. But I think this are separate genders. Anyways what do you guys think?

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Jurrasic World Fallen Kingdom/Sky Store

I ordered JWFK a few weeks ago on the sky store expecting it in September, yet it is coming till Friday, I don't mind waiting but I would like if someone could explain why this is if anyone here has sky. ThanksπŸ™‚
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Diabloceratops VS. Teratophoneus

It was requested, so here it is! Please upvote!

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"Block head" the Giga

How do you like it? It is a older peice. More are coming soon!

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Unfortunate news

So guys, I just wanted to say that I probably won't be doing much the next few days, and will probably be acting a little off, because, well, my horse just passed away. So yeah...... just so everybody knows. And if I do something that upsets or offends you I'm very sorry, it's nothing against you, it's just the last couple months have been really though, and my emotions have been occasionally been getting out of hand, so yeah. Doesn't the universe just love me
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who would win.

as we know in Jurassic world fallen kingdom we saw a carnotaurus fight a sinoceratops i was always wondered how it would fair against a Stegoceratops.

so make sure to leave your throughs down below and explain who would win and why.

Stegoceratops vs carnotaurus.
  • Stegoceratops
  • carnotaurus
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I need Help

Sinoceraptor and Carnotaurus hybrid
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The trial is over. Lord last is now decided to stay on the wiki. This descision was made by the 75% majority, who voted for him to stay. Congrats Lord last

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Dinosaur Protection Group vs. Extinction Now: who will win in Jurassic World III?

Hello, everyone. Today I have another speculation thread which goes into detail on whether the Extinction Now movement will be in Jurassic World III and whether either the DPG or the EN will win over the dinosaurs. Which side do you think will win? Which side are you on?

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JPNN...... kind of

I know it's not really news, but this just looked sooo good! I had to share it
Artist hand writes entire 'Jurassic Park' script, creates line-art of a scene from the movie
Artist hand writes entire 'Jurassic Park' script, creates line-art of a scene from the movie Boing Boing
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My Masterpiece

Scariest scene in film history
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Escaped dinosaurs

So, I just noticed that the individual dinosaurs Claire, Elvis, and friar tuck are in the escaped dinosaurs category. Now, I don't really think this makes sense, especially since the sub-category is contained within the fallen kingdom dinosaurs category. And yes, they did escape, but not on to the mainland, so perhaps we should consider making a category for all the species that escaped the hunters camp in the lost world. Let me know what you think.
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There will be a new system

Ok, so the trial of lord last will end at 12:00. On the meantime, I am designing a modified law system, that will make the moderation of the site easier for the two, to-be-mods, and I as well. The vote of no confidence will be used aswell, and each offense will have a specific charge.

And to lord last: I should have reported you to the FANDOM staff. But I realise you wanted back on the site, and you did come clean. And besides, the community are the deciders of a users fate, if put on trial.

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