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Ceratosaurus coming soon?!

Is this for real?
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MarkJira wrote:
Mitra boodram wrote:
someone please get the ceratosaurus card and post it
If someone had it, they'd post it.
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Here it is so someone can cut the card out

Level 30
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Animalman57 wrote:
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Base form Ceratosaurus in the Battle Arena. (Note it looks like it hs the Indominus rex, not the Spinosaurus animation.)

Turns out it just has the Spinosaur animation. Watch the feeding animation.
LEVEL 40 CERATOSAURUS - jurassic world the game01:35

LEVEL 40 CERATOSAURUS - jurassic world the game

Level 20 Ceratosaur
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I wish this was the JPIII Ceratosaur, but oh well

thats cool i want to play this game but i cant 

FireTerryTiger wrote:
thats cool i want to play this game but i cant 

why can`t u

t dosent work for me on my latop or iphone its sucks 

you have to play Jurassic Park: Builder

its not working sorry

I hope Ceratosaurus comes to JW3, or any future film.