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Orthcanthus or Hyneria?!

To me, the Orthacanthus in Jurassic World: The Game looks more like Hyneria then Orthacanthus.


JW: TG Orthacanthus

Orthacanthus BW

Real Orthacanthus

Tumblr no8bdw3R6Q1spmwbxo1 1280


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The Orthacanthus in Jurassic World: The Game has the matching spike and dorsal fin, so I imagine that was the base of the design and tried to model it so it would fit nicely with the Dunkelosteous animations.


It kinda does but on the Orthacanthus in JWTG, are the same features a real Orthocanthus had, though it is exaggerated in size, I mean they make it bigger than Dunkleosteus, I am all for that but once I look at real size estimations it just blows it out the window. They put that extra work into making it bigger when it really wasn't. COME ON LUIDIA