Type 56

The Norinco Type 56 rifle is featured in the game with the name "AG-47" and comes in two variants. The first version has high recoil with a 40 round "Banana" magazine and decent damage, the second version features a heavier recoil with a 100 round drum magazine. Both are fully automatic but with light taps to the fire button, they can be fired in single shots for amazing accuracy. They are often effective on all variety's of Raptor but are mostly effective on Tribe C Raptors and the 100 round Drum version is effective versus the Albertosaurus but often you have the empty the entire 100 round magazine.

It has a hooded front sight, suggesting it is the Chinese Norinco Type 56 copy of the AK-47 (Russian Автомат Калашникова.)<p style="margin-top:0.4em;margin-bottom:0.5em;line-height:19.200000762939453px;font-family:sans-serif;"><p style="margin-top:0.4em;margin-bottom:0.5em;line-height:19.200000762939453px;font-family:sans-serif;">

Type 56 75 drum mag
Stand type 56
Type 56 75 drum mag side view
Hooded sight chinese type 56
Anne shooting type 56 75 drum