Alamosaurus was an American Titanosaur. It was found in Texas. It was named after Ojo Alamo, a formation in Texas, where it was first discovered. It was the last sauropod known from North America, and may well have been prey to Tyrannosaurus. It was one of the last Sauropods. The name Alamosaurus means "Lizard from the Alamo". It was about 56–70 feet long and weighed about 30 tons.

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Jurassic park 3d 28

A skeleton of Alamosaurus once stood in the now destroyed Visitor Center in the original Jurassic Park.[1] [2] It, along with the neighboring Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, was destroyed in the battle between the Tyrannosaurus rexRoberta, and the Velociraptor pack, led by The Big One.[3]

Jurassic Park (SEGA CD Game)Edit

Alamosaurus appears in the game as the sauropod skeleton mounted in the Visitor Center, like in the Jurassic Park film.

Behind the scenesEdit

When the Visitor Center appears in other Jurassic Park media, Alamosaurus is often replaced by diplodocid sauropods such as Apatosaurus (LEGO Jurassic World) or Brontosaurus (Jurassic Park Discovery Center).


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