Albertosaurus is a three-star small carnivore featured in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.


The Albertosaurus roar is a sped-up and pitch-increased version of the Spinosaurus. The model seems to be based on Gorgosaurus (a close cousin to Albertosaurus) which is sometimes considered a species of Albertosaurus.



More lightly built than it's cousin such as Tyrannosaurus, it forages alone for smaller prey but will gang up to bring down large herbivores using its speed. Like their reality counterparts they live in packs of approximatley 2-6. Even so, they don't like attacking larger dinosaurs such as Brachiosaurus or Camarasaurus. Albertosaurus is the only known dinosaur in JPOG to kill diseased/sickly members of its species. Even though having three stars, the dinosaur (when not hungry) can coexist with the two Dilophosaurus, Ceratosaurus and five Velociraptors.

Their favourite prey is Parasaurolophus which it can chase down and then kill. However, the herbivore is often too fast, and Albertosaurus has better luck hunting slower herbivores such as Edmontosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus or Styracosaurus.


Albertosaurus fossils can be found in the Judith River: Site A. When the site is unlocked, fossils can be bought in the Fossil Market, for up to $9,600. Albertosaurus costs $2,850 to place in the park.

Hints & TipsEdit

It is the only carnivore that needs low security fences (compared with the other carnivores, which needs medium or high security fences).

Albertosaurus is a social animal and can coexist with the smaller carnivores, though let it be known that once hungry it will attack the dinosaurs in its enclosure (It is better safer to keep Albertosaurus in its own enclosure or have enough feeder despensers in such cases to avoid conflict).



  • Albertosaurus is the biggest of all the small carnivores.