Alice Levin was Richard Stone's lab assistant.


Alice is basically a technician. She kept insisting that the unidentified Procompsognathus remains that were sent to their lab, were remains of a dinosaur. She claimed to be an expert on dinosaurs because she was the mother of two boys, who loved dinosaurs. However, she said that the smallest dinosaur was called a "teenysaurus or something", proving that she really did not know a lot about dinosaurs. Dr. Stone kept dismissing her claim that the remains were of a dinosaur and recalled a time when Alice insisted that she was being stalked by one of the surgical orderlies. Alice eventually sent an X-ray of the Procompsognathus remains to Alan Grant, for confirmation of her theory. Grant was shocked to discover that the remains were of a Procompsognathus. Donald Gennaro later requested that the remains be sent to Isla Nublar, to determine whether or not the animal was one of InGen's.


Her last name is oddly close to Richard Levine, a key character in the novel's sequel.