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Amanda Kirby


Jurassic Park III

Portrayed by

Tea Leoni


Paul Kirby's ex-wife

Amanda Kirby was the ex-wife of Paul Kirby in Jurassic Park III and Ben Hildebrand's girlfriend. They tricked Alan Grant and Billy Brennan onto Isla Sorna in order to find their young son, Eric Kirby, who disappeared on the island two months prior along with her boyfriend Ben.


Amanda lived in Enid, Oklahoma and divorced Paul just over a year before the events of the film. She was easily terrified of dinosaurs, but she was obviously brave enough to rescue her only son. It is possible that Amanda and Paul got back together after they were rescued, and perhaps remarried for Eric's sake, because her final line in the film is:

"I dare them to nest in Enid, Oklahoma."



  • Amanda bears a physical resemblance to Dr. Laura Sorkin, who appears in Telltale's new Jurassic Park video game. Whether or not their likeness is meant to suggest a family tie is debatable.

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