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Andrewsarchus card

Name meaning

""Andrew's Ruler""




6 feet (1.8 m)


11 feet (3.4 m)

Birth type


Game appearances

Jurassic Park: Builder
Jurassic World: The Game

Template Source

Andrewsarchus was an extinct carnivorous mammal. It is the largest known carnivorous mammal on land. It was closely related to modern whales, hippos and dolphins and the extinct entelodonts. The type skull of Andrewsarchus is 83.4 cm (32.8 in) in basal length. The type skull is the only known thing from Andrewsarchus, so the full size of the mammal is based on the skull length.

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Andrewsarchus


Jurassic Park: BuilderEdit

The Andrewsarchus appears as a limited edition Glacier Park animal in Jurassic Park: Builder.

Jurassic World: The GameEdit

see Andrewsarchus/JW: TG

Andrewsarchus can be created in the Cenozoic park in Jurassic World: The Game.

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