"There's nothing I can do! When the captain says we gotta go, we gotta go!"
—-Crewman to Dennis Nedry(src)

    The man was a sailor aboard the Anne B. He talked with Dennis Nedry before the ship was to set out. Nedry told him to tell Captain Frederick D. Farrell to wait slightly longer for him to come to the boat. The crewman said "no promises" for Nedry, who would ultimately be killed by dilophosaurs before he could reach the dock.

It's more than likely he got onto the boat and departed Isla Nublar with all the other employees.


  • It is possible that this person is Jim.
  • A notorious goof in the movie is that when Nedry is talking to this man, a video bar can be seen on the bottom, meaning Nedry was talking to a video file, not the actual crew member.