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Any port in a Storm is the final exercise in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. InGen wants a Jurassic Park on a stormy weather Island. They want it at least a Three Star Rating.


The only thing you have to start out with is 69% Camarasaurus DNA and $100,000.


  • Take your time - although there is a time limit, it is a generous one so there’s no need to rush. Start researching the Weather Guard before opening the park, then go up to security and diseases. Try to prioritise the Visitor Shelter and Gyro Stabiliser.
  • Do not place a balloon tour; since the high winds will blow it down.
  • The island is very mountainous, limiting the space of your park. If a twister does hit, make sure you have money stored up for repairs.
  • Consult the weather forecast regularly as twisters will be much more frequent than on other islands. If one hits before you have researched the Visitor Shelter, keep the path network relatively small so visitors can leave the Park easily in an emergency.
  • Camarasaurus is your first dinosaur. At 3 stars, it is a good one to start with. It is worth extracting a bit more Camarasaurus DNA; even one low-quality fossil will get its lifespan up to a year. Dilophosaurus provides a good mix. Put Paleo Trees in both their enclosures to keep all kinds of visitors entertained.

For cheaters:

Use the money cheat and if a twister comes use the twister cheat. If you use the 100% Cheat and Research cheat and build numerous enclosures and buildings you should pass the exercise in One year (in game time).  Another option, even more easier, is to use the cheat to win 3 stars and automatically win the level.