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"Cool down and make a Mosasaurus-sized splash at our Aquatic Park. "
—Park Map(src)

The Aquatic Park is the swimming pool of the Jurassic World park. It contains 3.5 million gallons of water and has over 21 slides.[1] It is located east of the Innovation Center and north of the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo.

Pools and slidesEdit


The Aquatic Park consists of:

  • Panthalassa Wading Pool:[2] Named after the prehistoric Panthalassa Ocean.
  • Double Helix waterslide: 3-story water slide in the shape of a DNA strand.[2]
  • Dimorphodon Plunge Slide: speed 90 km/h.[2]
  • Tethys Lazy River: speed 3 km/h.[2]
  • Belly of the Mosasaur, to escape the Isla Nublar sun.[2]
  • Cretaceous Cabanas, multiple cabanas.[2]

Rules and warningsEdit

Aquatic-park-warning-sign cut

Warning sign.

Dress code:

  • Bathing suits
  • Other appropriate attire

Available within Aquatic Park:

  • Life jackets
  • Towels
  • Lockers

Persons with the following conditions should not experience this attraction:

  • Heart Conditions
  • Abnormal Blood Pressure
  • Abnormally frightened by large creatures



"The Panthalassa Wading Pool is named for the biggest Jurassic Ocean!"[2]

"The Panthalassa Ocean - home to many aquatic dinosaurs - surrounded the continent Pangaea in Mesozoic times."[2]

"Cannonball! You'll love the Aquatic Park at Jurassic World. Dive into prehistory and splash around like a Mosasaurus, the corkscrew down our three-story Double Helix water slide. Feeling chill? Escape the Isla Nublar sun in the Belly of the Mosasaur or just relax in a Cretaceous Cabana. Sunscreen highly recommended."[2]

"Enjoy thrills and spills as you slide through our prehistoric jungle waterways. Bathing suits and appropriate attire required. Life jackets, towels and lockers are available within Aquatic Park."[3]


  • The website says that the Panthalassa Ocean was "home to many aquatic dinosaurs". Since Spinosaurus is the only known aquatic dinosaur, this probably refers to the famous but non-dinosaurian marine reptiles.
  • This should not be confused with the Aquatic Park (Jurassic Park: Builder). But it seems similar, seeing as the Belly of the Mosasaur is similar to Mosasaurus, & its relatives, like Hainosaurus, Platecarpus, and Tylosaurus.


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