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"You should hear a four year old try to say "Archaeornithomimus"."
Claire Dearing talking to Owen Grady about the hard pronunciation of this Gallimimus cousin(src)
Ancient bird mimic

Name meaning

"Ancient Bird Mimic"




3.3 meters (11 ft) long


50 kilograms (110 lb)



Birth type


Movie canon appearances

Jurassic World (metioned only)

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Archaeornithomimus is a genus of theropod dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of China, 70 million years ago. Related to the more famous Gallimimus, Struthiomimus and Ornithomimus, Archaeornithomimus lived in the same manner, possibly living in flocks, eating everything from small mammals, to plants and fruit, to eggs, and even hatchlings of other Asian dinosaurs. However, they were also the potential prey for the larger Tyrannosaurids, such as Tarbosaurus.

Jurassic WorldEdit

The website mentions this bizarre theropod dinosaur, although its' unknown if it lives in the park or not. In the movie, Claire mentions Archaeornithomimus on why she picked the name Indominus rex and how hard it is to say this dinosaur's name, while Owen Grady makes a joke with this theropod's name.[1]


  1. Jurassic World Film Transcript

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