Archelon was a giant sea turtle from the Cretaceous period, so far the biggest of its kind. It was 4 meters (13.5 feet) long, and about 4.87 meters (16 feet) wide from flipper to flipper; 5 ft bigger than the Pacific Leatherback sea turtle.

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Jurassic Park III: Park BuilderEdit

Archelon is nr. 134 of the Carnivore Ones that can be created in Jurassic Park III: Park Builder.

Jurassic Park: BuilderEdit

see Archelon/Builder

Archelon can be created in Jurassic Park: Builder as a limited edition crustaceavore, even though in reality, it likely ate jellyfish and seedweed like most sea turtles.

Jurassic World: The GameEdit

see Archelon/JW: TG

Archelon is a tournament reef in Jurassic World: The Game.