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Jurassic Park Barbasol Cryogenics Containment Unit (Cryocan)

The Barbasol can was a modified shaving cream can that Dennis Nedry used to smuggle dinosaur embryos from Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar. Nedry turned off the power to many enclosures to the park, including the Tyrannosaurus rex pen which John Hammond's endorsement team were parked next to. Nedry planned to get everything back on when he returned, but when Nedry crashed and was killed by a Dilophosaurus, he dropped the can. While Nedry was being attacked in the jeep, the can was covered by mud, never to be seen again. The fate of the can is a main story arc of Jurassic Park: The Game .

Jurassic Park (novel)Edit

In the novel, the can was used in the same manner as the film version. However, the can was of Gillette cream rather than Barbasol. It could hold fifteen embryos with tinfoil coverings.

Jurassic Park (film)Edit

The can was used to smuggle dinosaur embryos to BioSyn by Dennis Nedry. While trying to deliver it, Nedry crashed his car into the Dilophosaurus pen and is attacked and killed by one of its juveniles. After dropping it, the can rolled down a small drop and landed in mud, while being covered up in more mud, becoming hidden.( It is seen again on the ride, next to a Dilophosaurus squirting water at the boat.

Jurassic Park: The GameEdit

The game resolves the loose end of what happened to the can after Nedry's death, after it was covered in mud. Nima Cruz and Miles Chadwick, two BioSyn employees, decide to go in after Nedry when he does not show up at the East Dock. After finding the Jeep, putting together clues of how Nedry met his doom, and recovering the Barbasol can from the mud, the pair is attacked by a pack of dilophosaurs. They attack Miles, who is subsequently killed, while Nima grabs the can and escapes the scene. It stayed in Nima's possession until it is stolen by Billy Yoder while she is unconscious. Yoder insists on keeping it in his possession until they both leave the island. Eventually, Nima gets the can back after an unexpected turn of events, only for it to either be trampled by the Tyrannosaurus rex or left to decay on the island, depending on which ending the player chooses. 

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