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    Barney was the name of an InGen employee engaged at the East Dock on the night of the Isla Nublar Incident. Due to the oncoming storm, Ray Arnold ordered an evacuation of all non-essential personnel from the island, during which Barney had the responsibility of manning the docks' security booth, overseeing the boarding of the ship C-3208. In the minutes before the ship cast off, he was distracted by a telephone call from Miles Chadwick, posing as a representative from InGen's payroll department, which enabled Nima Cruz to sneakily remove two staff passes from the booth. Nima and Miles subsequently used these passes to bluff their way past him and back onto Isla Nublar, after which Barney boarded the ship as it departed from the island. If the player fails to bluff past Barney, he won't let them pass, and Nima will knock him out with a punch to the face.


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