Basilisks, such as the real species Basiliscus plumifrons shown here, can run short distances across water.

Basiliscus amoratus is a fictional basilisk lizard invented by Michael Crichton in the Jurassic Park novel.

Martin "Marty" Guitierrez 'identifies' the lizard (actually a Procompsognathus) that attacked Tina Bowman as a Basiliscus amoratus.

According to Dr. Guitierrez, the lizard can be found in Costa Rica and also in Honduras. It walks on its hind legs and it is not poisonous.

Basiliscus is a genus of lizards. Four species are documented so far :

  • Common basilisk, Basiliscus basiliscus
  • Red-headed basilisk, Basiliscus galeritus
  • Plumed basilisk, Basiliscus plumifrons
  • Striped or Brown basilisk, Basiliscus vittatus

No species named Basiliscus amoratus is documented yet. But basilisks can sometimes run bipedally, like the novel implied.