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Basilosaurus ("king lizard") was an early prehistoric whale that lived in the Eocene period. The name is a result of the fact that when its fossils were first discovered, it was thought to be of a marine reptile.

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Basilosaurus

Jurassic Park: BuilderEdit

Basilosaurus is first featured in the series as an unlockable creature in Jurassic Park: Builder, costing 346,550 coins. 

Level-Based StatsEdit

Level Unmodified Earning Rates (5 Hrs) Feeding Costs (Fish) Ferocity Life Attack
1 3100 (620 / Hour) JPB Coins 309 (x5 = 1545)
2 3420 (684 / Hour) JPB Coins 513 (x5 = 2565)




Basilosaurus - Jurassic Park Builder12:19

Basilosaurus - Jurassic Park Builder


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