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The Battle of Main Street is a scene in Jurassic World near the end of the 4th film and resulted in the death of the main antagonist.


Blue and the raptor pack caught up with Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Gray Mitchell, and Zach Mitchell on Main Street, where she and her pack had a change of heart and sided with Owen again. Soon after the Indominus rex arrived, Blue, her pack, and Owen decided to fight her. During the ensuing battle, the Indominus threw Blue off and she was slamed into a colum which caused her to be knocked out. Soon afterwards the old Tyrannosaurus rex from the first park was released from her enclosure by Lowery Cruthers, who was told to by Claire Dearing, as Claire realized that the Velociraptor pack would be unable to stop the Indominus rex since Gray said "We need more teeth". Meanwhile, Delta was thrown into the Winston's Steakhouse Grill and roasted alive while Echo was snatched by the hybrid's jaws and thrown away. Armed with a flare, Claire opened the enclosure and was promptly pursued by the Tyrannosaur onto Main Street. Upon catching sight of the hybrid, the Tyrannosaurus smashed through a skeleton of a Spinosaurus and bellowed aggressively. After a moment of sizing each other up, the two theropods clashed, with the T. rex showing the upper hand momentarily before being overpowered by the hybrid and was about to be killed, when Blue, the last surviving Velociraptor lunged at the hybrid and allowed the Tyrannosaur to get back up on her feet, where she once again gained the upper bite against the hybrid due to the extra help of another smaller with sharp teeth and claws provided by Blue. They viscoulsy attacked the hybrid and slammed her into a building. With one final charge, the elderly Tyrannosaur tossed the Indominus toward the edge of the Jurassic World Lagoon, where the I. rex attempted to roar defiantly to still battle but only was to be caught between the jaws of the larger predator; the Mosasaurus. After the marine reptile dragged the hybrid into the lagoon, the T. rex and Blue regarded one another for a moment, with the Velociraptor appearing somewhat apprehensive about the larger predator. However, the Tyrannosaurus simply turned her head and walked off into the night. Blue then turned towards Owen Grady, chirping at him momentarily before disappearing into the night.

Humans InvolvedEdit

Dinosaurs InvolvedEdit

Key † Killed during the fight