"I'm gonna show you Jurassic Park."
—Ben Hildebrand(src)

Benjamin "Ben" Hildebrand is a character in Jurassic Park III, and is notably Amanda Kirby's boyfriend after her divorce from Paul Kirby.


At the beginning of the film Jurassic Park III, Ben took Eric Kirby on a parasailing tour to Isla Sorna with Enrique Cardoso and his partner. During their flight, the boat went through a cloud of ocean mist. When the boat emerged again, the boatmen had disappeared. Ben unclipped themselves from their parasailing line, connecting them to the boat, just before it crashed on several large rocks. The Parasail gets caught in a tree. Though Eric manages to get loose, Ben dies from an unknown cause, most likely blood loss from injuries sustained in the descent.

When Dr. Grant, Billy, Udesky, Paul and Amanda find Eric's camera and Ben's corpse, Amanda didn't seem to be too concerned with his death, despite it being clearly a horrific experience, and was instead more worried about Eric, her son, being all alone on the island.



Jurassic Park Adventures: SurvivorEdit

The novella Jurassic Park Adventures: Survivor Ben Hildebrand is the owner of a company called Dot.Com Engineering.[1] He is a very wealthy man.

He has taken his new girlfriend, Amanda Kirby, and her son, Eric Kirby, on a multiple-week vacation to three countries; the last being Costa Rica.[2] Ben's platinum Visa allowed Amanda and Eric to try expensive delicacies from all those countries. In Costa Rica, Ben has his own yacht with a Jacuzzi at its stern.

Ben makes Amanda smile and laugh, something that Eric had not seen for years. Eric also liked Ben because he was everything his dad was not: funny, smart, rich and a real risk-taker. However, Eric does not want him to replace his dad.[1]

When Amanda tells Ben how much Eric likes dinosaurs, he contacts Dino-Soar to make an illegal parasailing trip to Isla Sorna.[1]

After something happened[3] to the chartered boat towing them, they crash-land into the trees. Ben told Eric everything was going to be all right. However, Eric saw that Ben was very badly injured in the fall. Ben told Eric to go to the beach. If rescuers in helicopters came, the shoreline was the first place they'd start looking.[1]

Ben told Eric it would be all right again. He smiled and then got very quiet. Even though his eyes didn't close, Eric knew he wasn't with him anymore.[1]

LEGO Jurassic WorldEdit

Lego JW Ben saved

Ben is just freed from the tree.

Lego Jurassic World Video Game Ben Hildebrand

Ben Hildebrand from LEGO Jurassic World.

Ben Hildebrand can be found in the scenario The Spinosaurus caught in a tree where he can be freed by cutting the vines of the tree using a character with a sharp object (such as Dr. Alan Grant).

Ben's Dino-Soar parasail is found much earlier in the game in another area of the island.

Upon freeing him, the player(s) earn a gold brick and can purchased for 45,000 studs.

References Eric Kiry survival bookEdit

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​ It is also belived that ben died from being stabed to death by a large amount of branches. The last thing he does is smile and say that it will be alright.