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Benjamin's parents lived in the suburbs of San Diego with their young son, Benjamin.


One night, they were awoken by their son, who ignored their complaints and told them that there was a dinosaur in their back garden. They didn't believe him, instead accusing each other of faults that were causing Benjamin's behavior as he pushed them into his room. In the midst of an argument, and switching off Benjamin's fish tank believing it to be the cause of the problem, they turned to look out the window and froze in disbelief: there was indeed a dinosaur, specifically a large Tyrannosaurus rex known as the Tyrannosaur Buck, in their back garden which had just eaten their dog. As they stood, stunned, Benjamin took a picture of the animal with his camera. The flash caused it to roar in anger and fright, in turn scaring both parents who screamed. Their fate is unknown.

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