Malcolm is alone in his office working when a package arrives for him. Malcolm, who's now able to walk without the assistance of his cane, signs for the package and with his assistant Beverly prepare to examine the sample Levine had sent him. Having begun to doubt his initial assertions, Malcolm now privately believes that dinosaurs might still exist on Earth...just not in the same way Levine believes. Malcolm opens the package, which contains a stainless-steel cylinder marked with biohazard markings. He opens the cylinder, causing the outside to frost over due to the refridgerant gas preserving the specimen. He dumps the contents of the cylinder on a table; a plastic baggie containing a ragged, greenish chunk of flesh and a note. The pebbled texture of the skin prompts Malcolm to instruct his assistant to make an appointment with Elizabeth Gelman, who works at the local zoo. He then reads the note which simply says "I was right and you were wrong." Concerned and mildly annoyed, Malcolm then asks Beverley to get ahold of Levine as soon as possible.