"Where's the crew?!"

"...all over the place..."

Berner[1] was an InGen security guard.


He was working at the InGen Waterfront Complex during Peter Ludlow's speech to an audience of reporteres and investors while awaiting the arrival of the Venture. After the Venture smashed into the pier, he found a dazed Ludlow and helped him to his feet. He was then among the several guards who accompanied Ludlow, Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding aboard the crashed ship to determine what had happened. Entering the ship's wheelhouse, he reacted with disgust. Ludlow, unaware of what was awaiting him, entered behind Berner and asked where the crew were. "All over the place," Berner responded, and Ludlow finally noticed the gruesome remains of the sailors. It is unknown what happened to Berner after his fellow guard Jerry Randall unwittingly unleashed the the captured male Tyrannosaurus rex, although he presumably escaped.


  1. His nametag in The Lost World: Jurassic Park says "Berner."