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  • RyanBurns1988
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  • ErmineGlow

    Jurassic World: Operation Genesis is the sequel to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, with greatly improved graphics, animations, sounds, textures, models, and overall game play. Dream it, Build it, Survive it, once more!

    Animal Diet Star Rating Dig Site Size Cannibalism? Friends Favored Prey

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  • ConnorHrrs98

    I think I may have figured out some of the animal sounds used for the dinosaurs on Warpath: Jurassic Park.

    Acrocanthosaurus: Donkey/Tiger/Elephant

    Giganotosaurus: ???

    Stygimoloch: Elk/Goat/Llama/Cougar

    Suchomimus: Tiger/Crocodilian/Slowed-down pig squeals

    Ankylosaurus: Bull/Hippo/Camel groan for victory

    Styracosaurus: Walrus/Moose/Rhino/Cow

    Carcharodontosaurus: Siberian Tiger

    Pachycephalosaurus: Jaguar/Baby Jaguar/Cougar/Leopard

    Spinosaurus: Wild Boar/Hyena/Slowed-down pig squeals

    Cryolophosaurus: Lion/Leopard at the beginning of victory

    Triceratops: Possibly grizzly bear and elephant

    Albertosaurus: ???

    If you know what others might have been used, feel free to let me know!

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  • Teen Titans Forever!

    The doors of the original Visitor Center are intact which seems to contradict the scene in Jurassic Park: The Game where Rexy destroys the doors.

    Does anyone has an solution to fix this continuity problem?

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  • TheRoaringRex
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  • MarkJira

    Deaths of Delta and Echo

    February 27, 2016 by MarkJira

    For use when someone postulates that Delta is the one that survived-- just link them here! Echo is almost certainly dead as well, but that's neither here nor there.

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  • Teen Titans Forever!

    Jurassic Park: Of course the first is my favorite. My favorite film of all time. Love the characters, story, dinosaurs, everything!

    The Lost World: Jurassic Park: I also love this movie but it's no longer my second favorite but it's still great in my opinion.

    Jurassic Park 3: I like it. Yes I just said it. It has flaws but I have great memories watching it for the first time as it was my first JP I seen in theaters.

    Jurassic World: My dream came true. I always wanted a full functional dino theme park, Dr. Wu returning, Mosasaurus, and it had things I didn't expect like the role the Raptors had and a pure hybrid. Loved the film and I can accept it as a final JP film but I know more are coming.

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  • RyanBurns1988

    I'm not sure

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    Its bin a while since I last did a blog but Jurassic world 2 is 1 year closer and I think that they are taking a strange path, here is what I mean. 

    Jurassic world was a great reboot for this franchise, but started off with a strange idea: HYBRIDS! I love this idea but is it a good path to start the second trilogy? Something that really brought Jurassic World to greatness was the ending the fight between the new biger and bader dinosaur Indominus Rex and  REEEEXYYYYY and Blue!! great scene and you can't forget the mososaur. but that is beside the piint we are talking about the sequel: HYBRID BATTLES can you imagin the possibilities indominus camaflaging and then sneaking up on ultamateasaurus and then apearing and fighting and other stuff j…

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  • Cloverfield monster

    Well, it's pretty much a fact that Jurassic World 2 will be coming out soon. It will be coming out sometime in 2018 (that seems to be really the year for monster movies, with Godzilla 2 and maybe Pacific Rim 2 since it got delayed).

    But, the question is, what do you think the film will be about? And by that I mean what should the plot be? The situation and the conflict. I kind of had an idea that I feel the film should be actually about everyone's worst fears finally becoming reality: the dinosaurs get off the island and start taking over the world. It would be a good way to take the series to the next level. Jurassic Park 2: Lost World set the ground work for such an event. Imagine more T-Rex ripping apart San Diego and Apatosaurus stompin…

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  • SwiftMist

    So Imma new

    January 7, 2016 by SwiftMist


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  • Disneysaurus

    Egging Them on

    December 22, 2015 by Disneysaurus

    Here is an activity that can further help you understand the different types of eggs laid by different types of dinosaurs.

    Using paper-mache and party balloons, you can build your own dinosaur eggs. First find a good workspace and cover it with newspaper. Then, make sure that you have these materials.

    • 1. Newspaper
    • 2. scissors
    • 3. assorted balloons (such as small party balloons-the short ones, not the long ones)
    • 4. wallpaper paste (or any other types of wheat paste of paper-mache)
    • 5. water
    • 6. a bucket for mixing the paste

    Find balloons that are the right size for the eggs you want to build. Small party balloons make great Oviraptor eggs, while larger balloons make nice Maiasaura eggs. If you are really adventurous, large, round balloons make good Sa…

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  • RyanBurns1988

    i like dinosaurs

    December 20, 2015 by RyanBurns1988

    godzilla is my favorite dinosaur

    who's your favorite? 

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  • Logo8th

    Infobox Images

    December 19, 2015 by Logo8th

    Should we change the infobox images of all Jurassic Park Builder creatures who appeared in Jurassic World: The Game, or should we just leave them as they are?

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  • Zeref Fullbuster

    What do you guys think about a crossover between Dino Crisis (1 & 2), Dino Stalker, Jurassic Park, The Lost World and 3 (arcade) and Jurassic Park Arcade (2015)?

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  • Mariaguabj


    December 12, 2015 by Mariaguabj
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  • Tobyv23

    My favourite dinosaurs

    December 5, 2015 by Tobyv23

    Tyrannosaurus rex Megalodon

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  • Path Light

    After watching other people's video of elevators, I decided to record my own. It started on 16 May 2015 and in 10 July 2015, I decided to use my new Sony Xperia M4 phone.

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  • Mcoury

    I love the timeline, but I have a question about JW events occuring on Dec. 18th, 2015. How do we know that? I'd love to see all of the resources/research that went into it. Thanks!

    Also, using the timeline, I've constructed a concept for a Jurassic tv show that I'll talk more about on my website in a few months and here.

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  • Drago's buddy

    My Jurassic Park

    November 19, 2015 by Drago's buddy


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  • RyanBurns1988

    Who wins? 

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    Tis is not going to be very long but I want to put My point out there. Basically I find that Jurassic World did really well and it is by far the best Jurassic Park sequel ever! Wich (like honest trailers said: its not saying much) I dont really agree with that but whatever. c I heard that Colin Trevarrow said that there will be no more Jurassic park sequels (or prequels) will take place on ISLANDS yea thats right NO MORE ISLANDS! I don't know if he forgot about the lost world's ending but thats one of the main reasons it did not do well!!!! I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA HONESTLY!!! THESE PEOPLE! the movies are better on islands! Now I dont know if that is true or not but the possibilities are now pretty limited I me…

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  • Jurassic Park Treasury

    On Park Pedia, back in 2010, I made a blog post about my plan to create a dinosaur park on Cocos Island. That obviously didn't pan out. While recreating non-avian dinosaurs from ancient DNA will never happen, improvements in the field of ancient DNA and genome engineering (especially with the discovery of CRISPR) have given the possibility of recreating other extinct species. And of course, there is Jack Horner's chickenosaurus research and other evo-devo research that could be used to create birds with dinosaur traits (I will refer to these as dinosaur facsimiles).

    I have a renewed idea for a park of extinct animals. I am not saying that this is feasible, or that it will definitely happen. This is merely an idea based on current science an…

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  • Witnessme
    Nick Robinson, one of the stars of Jurassic World, was at New York Comic Con on Saturday, October 10 to open the legendary Jurassic Park gates. He was there to greet guests with his Velociraptor companion.
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  • BastionMonk

    Hey there my fellow Jurassic Park fans,

    I could stop from work early today and the Blu-ray was waiting for me. I do not have the skills to make a decent unboxing video, so I made a bunch of pictures. I'm just gonna post them here for all to see.

    The box:

    Hope you also get a copy of JW. If not, enjoy the pictures.

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  • VelociraptorRex

    My Tribute

    September 12, 2015 by VelociraptorRex

    To the films I love so much! Its a bit poorley edited, but its my first video of its kind, so be nice lol

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  • Νεαρών αναρχία

    delete this plz

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  • Disneysaurus
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  • Kentrostego32

    So people, these are my ideas for new animals for JW:TG































































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  • Mcoury

    JW film website

    September 6, 2015 by Mcoury

    Recently, I've been creating a Jurassic World movie site, as well as a facebook page.However it doesn't seem like many JW fans visit it. So please visit the website and tell me what you think! Thank you!

    Jurassic World Movie Website

    Jurassic World Facebook Page

    Also, I need some help w/ the wbsite! So, if you would like to help, please message me (in the message include an email so I can email you an invitation to help with the site and describe why you want to help out and with what you want to help).

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  • Mjamnnella

    Custom Dinosaur Cards!

    September 4, 2015 by Mjamnnella

    I have decided of opening a non-profit business of making custom dinosaur cards from Jurassic World: The Game! Here's some examples of what I mean:

    Lucky for you, I'm taking requests! Here's what you need to do:

    • Tell me your suggestion
    • Upload both the normal version and the Brawlasaur version.
    • Wait patiently
    • Enjoy!

    Note: Some Dinosaurs don't have Brawlasaur versions. Do a quick Google search before asking. Also, I recommend using the snipping tool to get images. Pterosaurs and amphibians don't have Brawlasaur variants.

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  • Disneysaurus

    List of species toys

    August 28, 2015 by Disneysaurus

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  • Disneysaurus

    Coming Soon

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  • Logo8th

    I have found three creatures in Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games I that are unknown and unidentifed. I wonder if anyone can identify these creatures, and, if so, should we make a page for them, if they don't have one that is? 

    Also, does anyone have a picture of the Tuojiangosaurus  with a clubed tail from Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games IV or Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games V to add to the page?

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  • Logo8th


    August 11, 2015 by Logo8th

    If Alamosaurus can get its own page, I feel like Rugops should have one too. He was part of Indominus' genome. I feel that if a dinosaur has any connection to JP media, it should get a page of its own, and not just link to a Wikapedia page.

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  • Asd112310


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  • PopCultMedia

    Guess who?

    July 25, 2015 by PopCultMedia

    In the fight scene between the I. rex, Rexy and Blue, Owen, Claire and her nephews try to evade the battle by running inside the park's gift shop. During this scene, a certain toy in the gift shop caught my eyes and attention. The toy is definetly a T. rex, but I notice the sculpt of its head and large body, the large feets and how its legs are postioned, and its tail being curved downward from the middle to the tip. Anybody, tops of your head, could this toy T. rex be what I think it is?

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  • Mcoury


    July 24, 2015 by Mcoury

    I'm happy to finally get to say this: Universal Pictures has officially greenlit an untitled Jurassic World sequel for a June 22, 2018 release. Collin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly will write it and the film will star Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt and possibly Ty Simpkins.

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  • Logo7th

    In the begining of the new tralier for the new Jurassic World arcade game, there appear to be a couple of winged, feathered dinosaurs that make an appearence. I was wondering wether or not they were Microraptor or Archaeopteryx. Could someone please answer this question?

    Edit: They also appear in another trailer that can be found below the first one. If these dinosaurs do turn out to be Microraptor, should we make a page for it?

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  • Tyrannoraptor

    Would the male t-rex like the one from Isla Sorna(in Lost world Jurassic Park) die a slow excruciatingly painful death as a result if the Indominus rex attacks him & rips his throat apart?

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  • Gojiratheking

    spinosaurus vs megalodon, who wins?!

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  • Ppande574

    This is the first battle between two herbivorous dinosaurs. One thing to remember is that every animal in a fight starts at full health even if it was injured in it's previous fight. For example if Baryonyx beats Velociraptor, but has heavy injuries, then it will start off with no damage when it battles a Tyrannosaurus. Enjoy the fight!

    Length: 20- 35 ft. 

    Weight: 2-5 tons

    Height: 4 ft. at the shoulder

    Diet: Low lying plants

    Region: Woodlands of U.S.A and Canada

    - Was tank- like, with armor covering the top of it's body, preventing a head on assault

    - Had a club like tail, which could do extreme damage to predators

    - It was a shorter creature, meaning an assault from above could be deadly

    - If flipped over, it's underside had no protection and was …

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  • Ppande574

    Battle Two: Ceratosaurus vs. Dilophosaurus

      Once more there are three steps to this fight:

    1. Description/Comparison of each animal.

    2. The actual fight.

    3. The outcome is explained.

    Height: Up to 10 ft.

    Length: 25 ft. when fully grown

    Weight: Up to 2.5 tons

    Diet: May have fed on fish and crocodiles, but primarily fed on mid-size herbivores

    Region: Woodlands of North America, Africa, and possibly Portugal

    - It had a horn that could have possibly been used to defend itself

    - Using it's crocodile like tail, it may have been a good swimmer


    - Compared to most carnivores, it was small and didn't have a weight advantage

    Height: 8-10 ft.

    Length: Up to 25 ft.

    Weight: Up to 2 tons

    Diet: Herbivorous creatures

    Region: North America, China

    - Was fast and …

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  • Ppande574

    Prehistoric Arena

    June 22, 2015 by Ppande574

    1. The two animals are described/compared.

    2. The scenario is described, meaning the location of the fight, what the animals are doing, etc. And the actual battle takes place.

    3. The outcome is explained, and I explain why the winner actually won.

    The battles are kind of in a story mode format, just to describe things. I hope you all enjoy and don't forget to share your opinions in the comments section!

    First thing's first. We need to compare the two animals, and size them up. They both have advantageous traits, and also some setbacks.

    Height: 3-4 ft.

    Weight: 30- 70 lbs

    Length: 4- 6 ft.

    Diet: Small mammals, insects, herbivorous creatures

    Region: Hot sandy areas of Asia

    - Could run up to 30 m/h

    - Was agile and had a sickle toe claw it could use to sla…

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  • Logo8th

    New Pages

    June 20, 2015 by Logo8th

    There seem to be many pages on the Spanish site for animals not on this site, such as Paikia, Mongolarachne, etc. Should we make pages for them?

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  • Logo8th


    June 20, 2015 by Logo8th

    On the Spanish website, there is also another creature that used to be on JP Institute known as Orthacanthus, a prehistoric shark. Should we also make a page for it? 

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  • Logo8th


    June 20, 2015 by Logo8th

    On the Spanish version of this site, there is an article on a species of multituberculate mammal known as Ptilodus. Ptilodus appears to have been seen on the website for the Jurassic Park Institute. I was wondering if we should make a page for it on this version of the wiki.

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  • Cloverfield monster

    I kind of noticed something in a large number of dinosaur movies.  Why is it that plant-eating dinosaurs (herbivores), such as sauropods, ceratopsids, and what-not, are never portrayed as antagonists or showing them attacking people? It's always been kind of confusing because they always show the carnivorious dinosaurs go on rampages, but never the plant-eating ones. They weren't always peaceful. They could potentially stomp on you if got in the wrong spot or provoked them. The only example we got that I know of that was kind of close to that in recent times was in Jurassic Park 2 when the Triceratops was one of the dinosaurs attacking the camp-site.

    One of my favorite and one of the very few instances of such cases was in the 1925 silent f…

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  • Elephant777

    Glacier Park

    June 16, 2015 by Elephant777
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  • Jacobaaronlaverick

    Hello. Does anyone think that Komodo Dragons could be enginereed to beome reasonable facsimiles of Mosasurs ?Thanks.

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