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  • D9 fan

    Jurassic Park Canon

    April 12, 2015 by D9 fan

    Alright so I get that there's a movie cannon, trespasser canon, and a novel canon, but what about all of the games tied into Jurassic Park? Some of them could be considered canon, for example, the Jurassic Park Arcade Game is suppose to take place after the Isla Nublar Incident where a group of mercenaries rounds up and recaptures all of the dinosaurs, sounds similar to how Jurassic World came to be! The one and only problem is that that would mean Ankylosaurus would have been in the park which would add more confusion to which 15 embryos were on Jurassic Park but no source denies that there isnt Ankylosaurus on Isla Nublar. And the same would go for Ichthyosaurs, who also appears in that game. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (video game) ha…

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  • Elephant777

    Howdy JP fans....

    As you all have debated one way or another about the big controversial fight between Tyrannosaurus Rex (Tyrant Lizard King) and Spinosaurus (Spiny Lizard)

    As a fan of many a wiki I am also a fan of death battle, and on the wiki (Death Battle Fannon) we replicate death battles we want to see happen, but it might take a long time for them to be considered, so we do what Wiz and Boomstick do, and that is gather research all about the two opponents and then pit them to a battle to the death, and then explain the reason why one won over the other.

    If some of you are scientific then I should tell you that I personally research all the latest evidence about Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurs as well as involving the general descoveries r…

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  • Sonofsamadams

    Jurassic Park 3 is one of my most hated movies of all time. Its lazy, silly and just and insult to the franchise. So since the new film is coming out soon, I revisted JP3 and made a video of 5 reasons why it sucks. 

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  • Tyrannoraptor

    Wouldn't it attract which dinosaur?

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  • Ibarber

    Indominus Rex sounds

    March 30, 2015 by Ibarber

    So hey guys, with the new Jurassic World coming out. I decided to contribute to the movie and had made some exclusive Indominus Rex roars of my own so let me know. I used sounds of them of the dinosaurs it's genetic material is mixed with, It didn't take too long to make these, but they were difficult to put together. So let me know what you guys think of them

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  • Disneysaurus
    • photo of a Maiasaura nest reconstruction & illustration of an adult Maiasaura dinosaur printable page
    • sandbox, or large dirt-covered area
    • big, round rocks, approx 5-8″ across
    • paint
    • hand shovels
    • loose leaves, pine needles

    1. Most children know that dinosaurs hatched out of eggs. Ask your child to hold her hands in front of her, and have her guess how big she thinks different dinosaur eggs were. You can tell her that many of her guesses are right. Explain that different kinds of dinosaurs hatched out of different-sized eggs, much in the way modern birds hatch out of different-sized eggs—some tiny, some pretty big. Show illustration of different-sized bird eggs. Explain that the largest egg of any bird today is the ostrich egg — which is about the …

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  • Elephant777

    Howdy its me again with another blog atempting to recover from an unrecoverable blog (Will not be mentioning);  Anyway this is a blog which involves other potential movies, tvs, and books that can be rebooted by Jurassic Park's owner Universal with the good push of fans, dino lovers, and others who have money in their pockets.

    Dinosaur movie have been in the B-era for a long time, and it was the blessing of one mans vision that they came into a highly honor position and historical marker in our life.  Though many of these b movies were unfairly judge this can be the perfect opertunity to bring them back!  

    1. Journey to the Begining of Time
    2. Journey to the Center of the Earth
    3. The Land Before Time (Note this is not a B movie, and critically success…

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  • Disneysaurus

    Fiberglass sculptures are lightweight, weatherproof and durable. When making sculptures, fiberglass provides a simple and cost effective material to work with. Any design can be made from fiberglass with a little work and creativity including, for example, a fiberglass dinosaur.

    • Oil Based Clay
    • Plaster Mix
    • Paint Brush
    • Liquid Fiberglass Resin
    • Rubber Gloves
    • Dust Mask
    • Cardboard Box
    • Vaseline
    • Handheld Razor
    • Belt

    1. Sculpt a dinosaur from the oil based clay. It is helpful to base the sculpture off of a picture or model to help get all of the elements correct.
    2. Put the dinosaur sculpture on a work table and clear the area.
    3. Put on your rubber gloves, dust mask and some older clothes that you do not mind getting dirty; working with plaster will get messy.
    4. Mix half o…

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  • Disneysaurus

    Fun with misused hardware supplies. Pretty simple: 1) Make a skeleton with pvc and attach it to a piece of plywood. 2) Use chicken wire to create the form. The eyes are kick balls. 3) The skin is good ol' duct tape (much easier than the paper and glue thing). 4) Paint. 5) To get it on the roof I had to actually contruct a ramp and pulley system - if not careful this can quickly become a guillotine. 6) Last step was to put more holes in my roof. And there you have it.

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  • Elephant777

    As we all know it has been descretly confirmed that Rexy our anti-hero of Jurassic Park is alive.

    One question is answered, but a million more arise, and one as big as the queen herself is the fact that she is alive.

    If one fallows and counts the JP game as an addon of the series this would be one of the many questions asked, How did she survive the demolision of Jurassic Park, when it was turned into Ground zero?"

    Another one asked is: "If she did survive the making of ground zero.  How did she survive on an island where her prey was blown sky high?"

    Others wonder if that toll will be a part of the move.  Like all animals Rexy could have suffered some serious melnutrions while being stranded there, and could have resulted into some serious he…

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  • Elephant777

    As we all know Jurassic World is coming out in theaters June 12, 2015, and there is no doubt that there is going to be some crazy down havoc, especially with the I-rex (Get it!  The iphone, the ipod, ipad, the iraq, and the iran!  Now we have a irex, comical) anyway.  There is without a shred of evidence that this is going to feature a show down between Dinosaur vs Dinosaur

    1. Rexy (Jurassic Park and makes her return in Jurassic World) vs Indominus Rex: Most likely to happen
    2. Velociraptor pack vs Indominus Rex
    3. (Less likely, but suggested) Suchomimus vs Indominus Rex
    4. (Very unlikely, but an anticipated idea) Mosasaurus vs Indominus Rex

    We all want Rexy or the Raptors to win, but honestly there is a very plausible twist to this and the Indominus Rex c…

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  • Cooljoe01

    T-Rex Vs. Spinosaurus

    March 2, 2015 by Cooljoe01

    Well it's been 14 years of everyone bickering about T-Rex losing to Spinosaurus. Well I've gotten sick of it and put this blog post bacause I got a few things to say:

    1. They lived in seprate continents

    2. They each had different strengths

    3. Spino was bigger but weaker and T-Rex was smaller and stronger (But that doesn't mean that Spino couldn't win)

    4. T-Rex dosen't need to be antagonist, protagonist or tritagonist all the time. It can play a small role

    5. Everyone needs to stop reacreating images and videos about Tyrannosaurus winning (Spinosaurus won in the film, so end of story) 

    6. We need to stop fighting about T-Rex and Spinosaurus beacuse all the stuff I said on top.  

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  • Jacobaaronlaverick

    Does anyone wonder about perhaps releasing Low-Risk, I REPEAT,Low-Risk Dinosaurs, Marine Reptiles and Flying Reptiles, Into secluded parts of the globe such as the Outback in Australia.

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  • Brian Linder

    Hi, Jurassic Park Wiki! We're looking for contests to appear on a special Jurassic episode of Wikia Qwizards. What's Qwizards? It's our trivia quiz show. Here's the latest episode: Wikia Qwizards: Ninja Turtles .

    Want to be a contestant? Awesome! 

    Here's how to audition: Make a short video of yourself, put on YouTube (or whereever), and post a link in the comments of this post. Keep it simple -- just tell us your username and drop the Jurassic fact of your choice!

    You can hit me up directly with any questions. Just leave a message on my wall or email me at

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  • Collector1

    I have more good news for fans of LEGO and Jurassic Park on this wiki. The names of the LEGO Jurassic World sets has been discovered.

    According to Brickset, a trustworthy LEGO news source, they are:

    • 75915 Pteranodon Capture
    • 75916 Dilophosaurus Ambush
    • 75917 Raptor Rampage
    • 75918 T-Rex Tracker
    • 75919 Ultra Dino
    • 75920 Raptor Escape

    Tell me what you think in the comment section below. I'm sure some Dilo fans will be happy to know that their favorite dinosaur will be returning its their absence in the previous two films.

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  • BastionMonk

    I signed up for RaptorPass as soon a I saw the option on They promised that I would be notified about any new material on JW's site and exclusive news. Today I got my first message (see picture).

    They notified me about the 4 new dinosaurs on the website. Judging from the recent edits, most of you have figured that out by now.

    They also write that the Jurassic World team has a new member: Brian Switek.

    "Please welcome Brian Switek,'s resident paleontologist. Through his expert knowledge and guidance, Brian has been a big source of inspiration for us. As a professional science writer with expertise in paleontology, Brian helps make improvements to the park and the website every day to continually educate and…

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  • Collector1

    I have good news for any LEGO fans on this wiki. The first official LEGO Jurassic World photo has been discovered.

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  • Jurassic Park Treasury

    The world of genome editing is expanding massively. It is expected to be used in the future in the world of medicine (gene therapy, pharming), agriculture (GM crops), and many other uses.

    In the world of de-extinction, I found out about a device that could be of good use to it. Meet MAGE, or Multiplex Automated Genomic Engineering.

    The MAGE device is still a prototype, but so far, it has been able to make bacteria produce five times the normal quantity of lycopene. The device can perform up to 50 genome alterations at a time, meaning that a genome could be altered drastically in a few days or weeks. This means that we don't have to synthesize an organism's genome from scratch.

    This is good news for creating "dinosaurs" (I do not call it recre…

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  • LiamJaco1998lfc

    Trailer 2

    November 30, 2014 by LiamJaco1998lfc

    I've got my hands onto more new footage! Courtesy of Jurassic Connected


    Dialogue - Lagoon scene, and more into depth.

    Scenes - More need scenes including; Grey and Zach's demise, Ptetrodoon attacking helicopter. 

    Watch it to see.

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  • Cloverfield monster

    I'm sure most of you now saw the trailer for Jurassic World. In the trailer, they explained that the new D-Rex was going to be a genetically modified hybrid. But the question I'm sure some of you are wondering is: What will it be a hybrid of? Obviously just by the name alone, T-Rex is going to be in the genome somwhere. But, what else? A lot of people think it's a hybrid of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor. That could be the case. Maybe it could be a hybrid of T-Rex and Carnotaurus.

    What do you guys think? What dinosaurs do you think they used to make D-Rex?

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  • Jhayk' Sulliy

    D-rex Leaked?!

    November 27, 2014 by Jhayk' Sulliy

    One hell of a Thanksgiving present! 

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  • John Alfred Hammond, CEO

    Alright folks, I'm starting this chat to be a civilized debate/conversation. Points will be given and taken, based on incoming information and past events. Now, I don't want paragraph-long arguements. And I don't want people arguing for mere fun.

    For example, the newly released trailer shows a Mososaur, it's website refers to Mount Sibo, and an evicted Costa Rican tribe from Isla Nublar. That alone adds 3 solid points to the game being canon. You can look into the details and give decent points, and any information from the past films is also considered.

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  • DeadpoolN7


    November 25, 2014 by DeadpoolN7

    Well my friends it finally aired, the trailer for Jurassic World.  If any of you haven't seen it, head over to youtube now!  I would like to know what you think?  What dinosaurs did you see, which ones do you hope to see, what do you think of the bioengineered dinosaur angle? 

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  • Edaphosaurus

    YES! ITS FINALLY HERE!!! 2 days early!!!

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  • Jhayk' Sulliy

    Uses CGI stand-ins from JP1 and the D-rex CGI isn't finished, but the Mosasaur one is!

    Photo of the Mosasaur: 

    UPDATE: Leaked clips have been removed. 

    UPDATE 2: I've just been sent some pictures from a FOURTH leaked video! One with an overturned gyrosphere, and 2 others involving Pteranodons attacking a helicopter. Seems like we're getting the Ptero Attack from the scrapped finale of TLW!

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  • John Alfred Hammond, CEO

    Alright folks, Universal Pictures just released the very first footage of Jurassic World, in a Teaser Trailer to hype the release of the Theatrical Trailer on the 27th this week. Check the footage out here and let me know what you all think!

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  • Genetic Freak

    Jurassic Park: The Game is simply NOT canon. It is NOT an official sequel to the original film. 

    Telltale bought Universal's support for the project and did everything they could to deliver an authentic Jurassic Park experience, even going so far as writing a story woven into the events of the film. However it is no more a true sequel to the film than any glorified Fan-Fic is. 

    Telltale added characters and animals that weren't in the film and weren't even being kept on Isla Nublar.

    When Jurassic Park states there were only 3 Raptors being housed on the island during the events of the film then how dare a third party call that a lie. NO other living Raptors were known about by ANY Jurassic Park staff. They had no reason to keep anything from …

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  • Genetic Freak

    This text is intended to serve as a back story and reconciliation of the design changes in Dinosaurs between films. Namely the Raptors and Pteranodons.  

    To properly reconcile the films and the Dinosaur changes seen throughout, one must first realize what the Dinosaurs INGEN created really are. 

    The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park are, quite simply, mutants.

    They are made complete by combining the DNA of other creatures with the original Dinosaur DNA which results in the animals possesing features and attributes not found in their true-to-history counterparts. They have been tweaked and modified to be as close as possible to real Dinosaurs but they are still not 100% genuine. 

    I have added a few quotes, links and personal theories to help prove thi…

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  • John Alfred Hammond, CEO

    The link above goes to the newly launched "Teaser Site" for Jurassic World. The site features new and extensive details, including the announced death of John Hammond in 1997 after TLW:JP, and the aquisition of InGen by Masrani Global, a corporation that aimed to establish a new park on Nublar. 

    The site also features several new photos, including the first appearance of B.D. Wong once again as Dr. Henry Wu

    What's also incredible about this site and the newly announced details, is the absolute dedication some of the details have to established canon. Just reading through the "Preserve Isla Nublar" section, I noted that the filmmakers took Nima's tribe and referenced it, as …

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  • Edaphosaurus

    Here is the first look at Diabolus Rex:

    Now you might be wondering why it is lego, and this is why. Lego are producing Jurassic world sets for next year, but a Chinease company has released images of them, as a lot of the models have already been made. The other models include a new T.rex plus 4 different coloured raptors, suggesting that there are 4 different named raptors, presumably the ones Chris Pratt looks after.


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  • LiamJaco1998lfc

    Teaser Trailer (released Today)

    November 27, 2014!1

    Post your Opinions on the trailers below!

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  • Edaphosaurus

    Mull over this for a while. It looks like Dimorphodon will get a part as well as Mosasaurus:

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  • Jurassic Park Treasury

    Some news regarding the chickenosaurus project.

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  • LiamJaco1998lfc

    Jurassic World Wiki

    November 8, 2014 by LiamJaco1998lfc

    Jurassic World wiki has been created by myself and Mcoury. We will work hard to make IT the best JW wiki ever but we can't do it without your help.

    So please if your willing to work with us, please message me.

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  • Zeref Fullbuster


    November 6, 2014 by Zeref Fullbuster

    Anyone have any Jurassic Park crossovers with The Land Before Time, Dinosaur King, Walking with Dinosaurs or the Disney film Dinosaur?

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  • Edaphosaurus

    East dock sign

    October 1, 2014 by Edaphosaurus

    Yet another tweet leak from Trevorrow:

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  • Tyrannoraptor

    Just wondering whether a tyrannosaurus or spinosaurus can survive/withstand a train crash due to their big size & thick hide, what will happen to them & how durable they are.

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  • Tyrannoraptor

    Which of the dinosaurs esp. carnivores do you think could best fit this soundtrack()?

    • Triceratops
    • Velociraptor
    • Dilophosaurus
    • Ceratosaurus
    • Ankylosaurus
    • Brachiosaurus
    • Tyrannosaurus
    • Spinosaurus
    • Parasaurolophus
    • Stegosaurus
    • Pachycephalosaurus
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  • Jhayk' Sulliy

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is my deepest regret to inform you that Jurassic Park star Lord Richard Attenborough is dead at 90:

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  • Mcoury

    Jurassic Park Survival

    August 23, 2014 by Mcoury

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  • Cdshaggy24

    The 15 species

    August 17, 2014 by Cdshaggy24

    Thanks to help from  The Cold Storage Room page and John Alfred Hammond CEO I now know all of the 15 species that they cloned in the film cannon. In Jurassic Park the game there are 9 species of dinosaurs on the first island. So the remainder of the species are on the second island.

    Species in Jurassic Park The Game Map:

    1. Dilophosaurus
    2. Tyrannosaurus rex
    3. Velociraptor
    4. Herrerasaurus (possibly a replacement for Baryonyx)
    5. Compsognathus (possibly a replacement for Segisaurus)
    6. Brachiosaurus
    7. Triceratops
    8. Gallimimus
    9. Parasaurolophus

    Species not on the first island/the rest of the cloned species:

    1. Mamenchisaurus
    2. Pachycephalosaurus (possibly a replacement for Proceratosaurus)
    3. Stegasaurus
    4. Ankylosaurus
    5. Ceratosaurus (possibly a replacement for Metriacanthosaurus)
    6. Corythosau…
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  • Mcoury

    Recently, I've been creating a Jurassic World movie site, as well as a facebook page.However it doesn't seem like many JW fans visit it. So please visit the website and tell me what you think! Thank you!

    Jurassic World Movie Website

    Jurassic World Facebook Page

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  • LiamJaco1998lfc

    Tomorrow, At Comic Con Jurassic World will make it's first debut! 

    The special teaser is unknown weither it will be small slice of footage, a teaser trailer or even a official trailer with chunks of footage.  

    UPDATE: Sadly, Jurassic World didn't make an appearence at all. No Teaser, No Footage, Nothing but a poster, JW Car and a TREX head that was supposed to be a build to the most exciting day at Comic Con that brought us nothing. 

    UPDATE #1:  After the shame of Jurassic World not being seen at Comic Con, Jurassic World Teaser is set to be released on the Vines App, the time is yet unknown #JurassicWorld

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  • John Alfred Hammond, CEO

    Awhile back, I purchased a Jurassic Park /// Prop on ebay. It came from a very highly recommended seller, and his story claimed that he new someone working close with the film when it was made, and received this item.

    The prop I supposedly purchased is the screen-used business card from Kirby Enterprises. Unfortunately, it came with no COA (Certificate of Authenticity), but that is understandable. From what I've read, several of these were produced for the film, but only one or possibly two made it into the final film. I've noticed that the black backround has smudged off to the right of the "K" and left of "Paul Kirby's" information. Ironically, I've also compared this to the film, and this particular are where the smudge appears is exactl…

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  • Collector1

    Good day everyone, it's --The Collector 23:38, July 22, 2014 (UTC), one of the active administers of this wiki.

    Will anyone on this wiki be attending this year's San Deigo Comic Con? Because you might have a chance to get this exclusive Jurassic World poster that they'll be handing out to a select few.

    If you want more info on the subject, head on over to Screenrant by clicking the external link above.

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  • King wiki

    Whatever happened to the badges? Just asking. I really want to know. Because I don't really know why they disappeard while I was gone. :/

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  • LiamJaco1998lfc

    Jurassic Connection posted a photo from NASA's facility of a helicopter being shot behind a blue screen, it is unknown weither it's Jurassic World. Since, another movie is being shot there as well. 

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  • LiamJaco1998lfc

    A picture was posted today on the internet of  A Velociraptor Animatronic. It is proved to be real by Spielberg.

    What do you think?

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  • Brian Linder

    Wikia’s preparing to take San Diego Comic-Con 2014 by storm along with a legion of #WikiaLive superfans! We know many of you are already going, but WE WANT YOU to enlist in our “Fan Army.”

    Tell us you’re going by filling out this form and -- as we’ve done in year’s past -- we’ll do what we can to give those of you among our ranks an awesome fan experience. That may include VIP perks like celeb meet ‘n’ greets, party access, and other fun opportunities!

    We’ll start right now! We have room for six Los Angeles-based fans to ride in our train down to San Diego (departing the morning of Wednesday, July 23)... absolutely free! We’ll even throw in a ticket BACK to L.A. (we’re not gonna leave you stranded). The first six Angelenos to sign up will re…

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  • BastionMonk

    Today I compared our article on JW with the one on wikipedia. One thing was clear to me. We need someone who will take the responsibility for writing the articles about . And we need one now.

    Our articles , Jurassic World/Rumours and Jurassic World/Production are in a very bad shape. We need someone who can write properly and will keep the articles free of vandals and update them as soon as there is new trustworthy news.

    Who thinks he/she can do this.

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