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The Bone Shaker was a single-rail roller coaster built on Isla Nublar for Jurassic Park. It was constructed as one of the many additional rides that would follow after the park's main attraction, likely out of a need for a more "thrilling" ride than the slow-moving boats and tour jeeps. Although the ride was at near-completion by the time of the Isla Nublar Incident, it was never mentioned on the tour.

Robert Muldoon expressed concern over the ride's proximity to the Herrerasaur and Velociraptor Paddocks, but the InGen board dismissed these worries due to the safety measures in place. During the Incident, the Herrerasaurs broke free and sabotaged the coaster.


  • The coaster was built over the site of a centuries-old goat path. Nima Cruz, indigenous to the island, was appalled at the sight of this.




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