Card packs are obtainable in Jurassic World: The Game as a means of obtaining Creatures and resources.

Placeholder Pack (No loading circle)


Card packs are obtainable through a variety of different methods. There are two main ways to earn card packs: purchasing them in the game's store and earning them in events.

Most card packs, with a few exceptions, supply the player with a selecion of coins, food, DNA and cash in addition to dinosaur, booster and structure cards.

Card Packs can also be sold in bundles in the store.

Purchasable Packs

These packs are mainly available through the game's store, though most can also be earned in events. They can be purchased with currency, VIP points, and in-game cash.

Pack Price Image
Mystery Free (Refreshes every 6 Hours) Mystery Pack (no price)
Resource Variable DNA Pack
Common $4.99 USD Common Pack (no price)
Common Plus Events Common Plus Pack (Aquatic)
Rare $9.99 USD Rare Pack
Rare Plus $9.99 USD Rare Plus Pack
Super Rare $24.99 USD Super Rare Pack
Super Rare Plus $24.99 USD Super Rare Plus Pack
Legendary $49.99 USD Legendary Pack
Legendary Plus $49.99 USD Legendary Plus Pack
Aquatic $49.99 USD Aquatic Pack (No price)
Cenozoic $49.99 USD Cenozoic Pack (No price)
Sequencing 900 Dino Bucks Sequencing Packs (without price)
Twins Various Prices Legendary Twins Pack
Mighty Titans $4.99-17.99 USD Mighty Titans Pack (Silver)
Power Packs $19.99 USD Power Land Pack
Strike Team Strike Team Grand Slam Pack
WWF Building Buildings WWF Pack
WWF Decoration Decorations WWF Pack
Earth WWF/ Herbivore Haul $49.99 USD Earth WWF Pack
Solid Gold 10,000 VIP Points Solid Gold Pack (no price)
VIP Dinosaur 20,000 VIP Points Apatosaurus Pack (without price)
VIP Building 2,000 VIP Points VIP Buildings Pack
VIP Decoration 4,000 VIP Points Decorations VIP Pack
VIP Exclusive Dinosaur 50,000 VIP Points Pterodaustro Pack without price
Miscellaneous Various Prices Late Game Pack

Event Packs

Event Packs are obtainable only through special events in the battle arena.

Pack Event Image
Daily Missions Daily Missions Daily Missions Pack
Jurassic Park Various Events Discover jurassic park pack
Fidelity Packs Collecting Prize Drop Tickets Gold Fidelity Pack
Evo-Booster Finish in the top 25-5% of any Tournament Evo Booster Legendary Pack
Tournament Dinosaur Finish in the top 1% of the Specified Tournament Mosasaurus Pack
Special Tournament

Special Tournaments.

Finish in the top 10-1% of the Specified Tournament.

Megalodon Dominator Pack
Claim Your Territory

Claim your Territory Event.

Win in the roulette wheel.

Claim Your Territory Pack
On the Tides

On the Tides Event

Win in the roulette wheel.

On the Tides Pack
Beasts of the Biodome

Beasts of the Biodome Event.

Win in the roulette wheel.

Beasts of the Biodome Pack
Aquatic Creature-Specific Packs What Lies Beneath Megalodon Pack
Cenozoic Creature-Specific Packs Glacial Shift Smilodon Pack
Rumble Rarity Rumble Legendary Rumble Pack
Gyrosphere Victory Gyrosphere Tours Gyrosphere Victory Pack
Carnivore Boosted Battle Carnivore Pack
Carnivore Underdog The Carnage of the Carnivores Carnivore Underdog Pack
Herbivore Boosted Battle Herbivore Pack
Herbivore Underdog The Horror of the Herbivores Herbivore Underdog Pack
Pterosaurs Boosted Battle Pterosaurs Pack
Pterosaur Underdog Terror of the Pterosaurs Pterosaur Underdog Pack
Amphibian Boosted Battle Amphibian Pack
Amphibian Underdog Assault of the Amphibians Amphibian Underdog Pack
Surface Surface Pack
Cave Cave Pack
Reef Reef Pack
Snow Snow Pack
Cavern Cavern Pack
Savannah Savannah Pack
Continental Boosted Battle Event Africa Pack
Climate Shift Monsters of the Deep Climate Shift Pack
Cenozoic Battle It's a Whiteout Cenozoic Battle Pack
Buildings Jurassic World Prize Drop! Buildings Pack
Decorations Jurassic World Prize Drop! Decorations Pack
Boss Statue Boss Battle Events Colossus 04 Statue Pack

Raptor Paddock Packs

These packs can only be obtained in the reward roulette for leveling up one of the raptors in the Raptor Paddock. Instead of an animal or structure cards they give a Battle Booster, it's type and color depending on one of the four raptors being leveled.

Pack Obtain Method Image
Raptor Pack Obiedience Roulette Wheel Blue Common Pack
Raptor Discipline Pack Obiedience Roulette Wheel Blue Discipline Pack