Carter was a hunter in Roland Tembo's group and Dieter Stark's driver.

He was portrayed by Thomas Rosales Jr., and possibly based on the character Diego from the novel.

The Lost World: Jurassic ParkEdit

When Dieter went to "the ladies room", he told Carter and left not noticing Carter's head-phones.

Unfortunately for him, Carter couldn't hear his cries for help when his colleague was attacked by a pack of Compsognathus, leading to Dieter's demise. Later that night, Carter was the first to alert the Hunters that the male and female Tyrannosaurs had invaded the campsite.

After desperately running for his life from the pursuing female T. rex, Carter tripped on a log and was stepped on by his fellow hunters. Looking up, he saw the female Tyrannosaur's giant right foot coming towards him. He screamed and threw his arms up in sheer terror and was stepped on by the right foot of the female T. rex.

When she lifted her foot, Carter was still alive and stuck to the female T. rex's foot. The female then crushed him under her foot again, killing him instantly. She lifted her foot one more time, revealing his dead body still stuck to the sole of her foot. She then stepped into a puddle and left Carter's mangled corpse floating in a foot-shaped puddle and continued chasing the other hunters.

Toy linesEdit

A figure of him was included with the Dino-Snare Dirtbike of The Lost World Series 1 toy line.

Another figure of Carter along with another dirtbike was set to appear in the canceled Chaos Effect Night Hunter line. It would have included a Dilophosaurus and captive gear.

LEGO Jurassic WorldEdit

Carter is one of the unlockable characters in LEGO Jurassic World.