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this is an awesome set with finally the awesome scutosaurus and esstemmennosuchus figures that we were denied in 1994 the esstemenosuchus has a normal paint job pulling its leg back makes its head thrash around knocking human figures down it also features dino damage located on the back the damage shows some back bone the capture gear consists of two pieces one to go on the legs to keep it from walking away and one goes on the head and covers the horn but it can still hit people with those crests the second creature is scutosaurus pulling the leg back makes the tusks strike knocking down small human and dinosaur figures it also has dinodamage the skin patches on both beasts are flexible and rubbery the damage is on the side showing ribs the blood is green though there are two pieces of resraints one to go on the legs to keep it from walking away and one to go on the face to keep it from striking people with its tusks the dino tracker is a repaint of the bola launcher alan grant he comes with the same weapon the bola launcher which can knock small dinos down even big ones that have trouble standing he also comes with a net an a back pack to launch the net every thing in this set is a repaint the the scuto and estemmenno will not be repainted again the tracker will be repainted one more time as eddie carr for the lost world series 2 toy line this sets rating is a 10 out of 10 unfotunatly this set is rare but for some weird reason esstemennosuchus is more common than scutosaurus loose complete samples go for 45 to 115 bucks and mib 250 bucks so if you want this mavelous set you will have to spend alot of money but if you see one get it i strongly reccomend

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