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Name meaning

"Horned Lizard"

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~3.5 meters (12 feet[1])


~9 meters (30.5 feet[1])


500 kg (1 ton)


Utah, Colorado, USA; Tanzania, east Africa; Portugal


Isla Sorna

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Film appearances

Jurassic Park III

Game appearances

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
Jurassic Park: Explorer
Jurassic Park III: Park Builder
Jurassic Park: Builder

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Ceratosaurus was a medium sized carnivore that lived at the same time as the larger Allosaurus, in the Late Jurassic period. However, it also lived some millions of years before the emergence of the successful allosauroids, being of the more primitive four fingered Ceratosauria. What makes it different and distinctive is the large horn on top of its nose and the two horns over its eyes. About 100 years ago, when it was first discovered, it was one of the most well-known dinosaurs. Another unusual feature is that Ceratosaurus had four fingers on its hands, instead of the more common three among the other large meat-eaters. This is typically an indication that this theropod is relatively primitive, whose ancestral relatives heark back to the earlier times of the Mid Triassic to Mid Jurassic periods when coelophysoideans and ceratosaurians were much more prevalent. Allosaurids and megalosaurian carnosaurs, both kinds tetanurans, were much more advanced, with greater speed and intelligence, as well as the ability in at least allosaurids to form packs.

It is probable that the Ceratosaurus ended up being sidelined by the Allosaurus in North America, as evidenced by the fact that Ceratosaurus is the rarest fossil theropod genus present in the magnificent Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. It probably became a prowler of the forest, using its terrifying dentition when ambushing smaller Dinosaurs. Though it is very easy to claim that Allosaurus was more dangerous than a Ceratosaurus overall, being bigger for a start and also being much more numerous as well as advanced, it could be said that Allosaurus represented the Wolf to Ceratosaurus‘s Honey Badger - in that, it may have become a rare but tenacious smaller animal with a nasty aggressiveness that clearly allowed it survive until the end of the Jurassic period. People tend to look at size being the only important factor, in a sort of 'Top-Trumps' mentality. Sometimes, the small are just as nasty as the large.

This information is given about Ceratosaurus in Jurassic Park: Explorer:

  • Ceratosaurus - small and more bird-like than it's cousin Allosaurus.
  • Ceratosaurus was named for the single horn on it's snout.
  • It was probably a scavenger, but may have also hunted aquatic prey.
Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Ceratosaurus

Jurassic Park Franchise

Ceratosaurus never appeared in the original Crichton novels. The creature entered the JP franchise in the Die-Cast: Jurassic Park toy line. After that it appeared briefly in the Jurassic Park III movie and multiple games.

Ceratosaurus fanart

Fanart by Hellraptor

Die-Cast: Jurassic Park

Tumblr ljv1hlZebt1qhsdu1

With the release of the Jurassic Park film in 1993, the Die-Cast: Jurassic Park toy line was released. It contained a metal Ceratosaurus action figure. The package also contained a Collector card featuring Ceratosaurus (Nr. 19 of the Jurassic Park Collector Cards). The Ceratosaurus has a red head and lighter (green) body.

Jurassic Park III


The Ceratosaurus was in Jurassic Park III, it has a red head and lighter (grey) body. It closely resembles the colors from the Die-Cast toy line, but some Jurassic Park fans have noticed that it resembles the Carnotaurus from Disney's movie Dinosaur.

The dinosaur makes a brief appearance on the river bank, sniffing the dung-covered main characters, then backing off because of the smell and walks away, most likely because it realized it was in Spinosaurus territory after recognizing the smell, or because the humans were not suitable prey. Not much is shown of this animal in Jurassic Park III.


  • It is well known for being the first dinosaur shown in a live-action movie usually having major on screen appearances. However in Jurassic Park III it only appears for a brief cameo as mentioned above.
  • On the dvd game, Jurassic Park: Explorer it is stated that Ceratosaurus was a cousin to Allosaurus, when however both dinosaurs are far seperated from evolution and families.

Video games

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

see Ceratosaurus/Operation Genesis

Ceratosaurus 1
Jurassic-park-operation-genesis-52273 724320
Ceratosaurus info

Ceratosaurus info in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

Ceratosaurus is available as a two-star, small carnivore in the game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. Its appearance is based on the movie. However, Ceratosaurus‘ upper jaw is actually smaller than the movie's design.

Ceratosaurus hunts larger herbivores in packs or even by itself for that matter. It is known to posses cannibalism when no other food is around. Ceratosaurus can coexist with the Albertosaurus, Dilophosaurus and Allosaurus (though they do fear it and runaway when one is near) and even with smaller carnivores like Velociraptor , but this only occurs when they are not hungry or attacking each other. However with the smaller carnivores like Velociraptor the Ceratosaurus coexists either way and can even share its meals among the smaller theropods.


  • Ceratosaurus is featured in the DVD game Jurassic Park: Explorer. A player earns a dinosaur when he/she wins a minigame, when the earned dinosaur is a Ceratosaurus this video will be shown.

Ceratosaurus from Jurassic Park III: Park Builder.

Ceratosaurus JPbuilder

Ceratosaurus from Jurassic Park: Builder.


Toy lines

  • A Ceratosaurus figure was originally going to appear in the Chaos Effect Toy Line, but it was scrapped and many of its features were added on to the Paradeinonychus of the same line.
  • A light and sound Ceratosaurus figure will be part of Jurassic World's growler set by Hasbro. It resembles the creature, and sports the same coloration, seen in Jurassic Park III and (oddly enough) has the roars of a T. rex.
Unreleased cerata

Unreleased Chaos Effect Ceratosaurus concept art.

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