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Popularity rating 2 stars
Group Small Carnivores
Security requirements Medium
Dig site Morrison Formation Group A

Ceratosaurus is available as a two-star, small carnivore in the game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. Its appearance is based on the movie. However, Ceratosaurus‘ upper jaw is actually smaller than the movie's design.

Ceratosaurus hunts larger herbivores in packs or even by itself for that matter. It is known to posses cannibalism when no other food is around. Ceratosaurus can coexist with the Albertosaurus, Dilophosaurus and Allosaurus (though they do fear it and flee when it is near) and even with smaller carnivores like Velociraptor , but this only occurs when they are not hungry or attacking each other. However with the smaller carnivores like Velociraptor the Ceratosaurus coexists either way and can even share its meals among the smaller theropods. It is one of the few small carnivores to stand up to Allosaurus but only if it is hungry enough or either when provoked will it attack, and results often have mixed sucess. In the model it's jaws do not close togther.