Looking for clues to Levine's location Thorne, Kelly and Arby decide to go to Levine's apartment. The two-bedroom apartment, which looks more like a museum, fascinates Kelly who finds it hard to believe anyone could live so neatly. On a nearby table they find a German book about the geology of Central America which had apparently been delivered to Levine's home while he was away. Kelly finds several papers on Levine's bedside table, whose topics range from genetic algorithms to the geology of Central America to the 1989 InGen Annual Report. She also finds a hastily scribbled note from Levine regarding the location and identity of "Site B." 

Arby calls Kelly and Thorne into the second room, which Levine had turned into an office. Behind Levine's computer desk, mounted on the wall, is a huge corkboard labeled "Site B" which had landsat pictures, maps, charts, aerial photographs and newspaper clippings tacked onto it. One of the photos shows a Chinese man in a lab coat standing in a jungle beside a wooden sign that said "Site B" and wearing a shirt that seemed to say "InGen Site B Research Facility." Arby notices several InGen documents with scribbled notes written in the margins, all pertaining to lack of information on "Site B." Another memo, which cautioned against the public being told of Jurassic Park's cloning tech (referred to as "JP technology") or of any mention being made of "Site B", had several missing letters and a generally garbled appearance despite being mostly legible. Arby suspects he knows what it means, takes the plastic cover off the computer and see that it's an old InGen computer. Thorne notices that it is a type of computer typically used by architects and mechanical engineers and wonders aloud why he would want such an old computer. Arby points to the memo and states that Levine has been recovering old files off of the hard drive.

Arby explains that when computers are re-sold, the hard drives are usually wiped and reformatted. CAD-CAM computers like the one Levine has are the exception because they come installed with specially designed hardware that would have to be manually re-installed, so in most cases when these types of computers are re-sold the system directory is just deleted. The system appears clean, when the files are actually still on the machine. Thorne agrees to let Arby take a shot at finding more documents on the computer while he and Kelly continue looking around the apartment.