This article is about the Mercenary in Jurassic Park III. For the ACU Trooper, see Cooper the ACU Trooper.

"Cooper's a professional! He can handle himself!"
Udesky, after being forced to leave Cooper behind(src)

Cooper was a mercenary hired by Udesky to accompany Paul and Amanda Kirby to Isla Sorna in search for their son, Eric. Cooper was eaten by a Spinosaurus soon after the Kirby's chartered plane landed on the island.

His sidearm of choice was a Heckler and Koch USP pistol but he was also skilled in firing the 20mm Einhorn rifle.

Jurassic Park IIIEdit

Cooper was a mercenary hired by the Kirbys in order to help find their missing son Eric on Isla Sorna. When asked by Billy Brennan, he claims he met the Kirbys through church (although this was likely a lie to hide his mercenary status). When M.B. Nash told Paul Kirby that he saw a good landing strip, Alan Grant got upset, and tried to get to the cockpit. However, Cooper knocked him unconscious. He was the weapons specialist of the mission to find Eric. Isla Sorna had a restricted rule to not allow landing, which eventually led to his death.
Cooper with a holstered pistol on his right thigh before the Spinosaurus grabs him.

Cooper with a holstered pistol on his right thigh before the Spinosaurus grabs him.

When the plane landed on the island, Cooper was several meters away after moving into a very-far forest. Meanwhile, Amanda Kirby was shouting into a loudhailer, which attracted a massive Spinosaurus. M.B. Nash and Udesky made it back to the plane before Cooper did. They took off without Cooper, who begged them to stop. At that moment, the Spinosaurus came out of the trees and seized Cooper by his waist, breaking his spine and killing him. it lifted his body up into the air and ate him off screen. The plane clipped the Spinosaur's sail, and it spiraled out of control and crashed into the trees.

His sunglasses, femur, and watch were later found in Spinosaurus dung by the survivors.

All that's left of Cooper

Dr. Grant and the Kirbys sort through a mound of Spinosaurus feces containing Cooper's remains.

Source of characterEdit

Cooper may have been inspired by a character in Dino Crisis named Cooper who gets eaten by a Tyrannosaurus all the way at the start of the game, just like being eaten by the Spinosaurus at the beginning of the film.


  • "So, what've we got here, Nashie?"
  • "Hey! Stop!!"