This article is about the Mercenary in Jurassic Park III. For the ACU Trooper, see Cooper the ACU Trooper.

"Cooper's a professional! He can handle himself!"
Udesky, after being forced to leave Cooper behind(src)

Cooper was a mercenary and weapons expert hired by booking agent Udesky to accompany Paul and Amanda Kirby to Isla Sorna in search for their son, Eric.


Cooper was a mercenary hired by the Kirbys in order to help find their missing son Eric on Isla Sorna. When asked by Billy Brennan, who was accompanying Alan Grant on the pretense of a sightseeing trip, Cooper claimed that he met the Kirbys through church, although this was a lie to hide his mercenary status. When pilot Nash informed Paul Kirby of a suitable landing strip on Isla Sorna, a concerned Grant tried to object, and made a dash for the cockpit. However, Cooper, mindful not to allow any disruptions, knocked him unconscious.
Cooper with a holstered pistol on his right thigh before the Spinosaurus grabs him.

Cooper with a holstered pistol on his right thigh before the Spinosaurus grabs him.

When the plane landed on the island, Cooper was tasked with setting up a safe perimeter. Meanwhile, Amanda Kirby was shouting into a loudhailer in an attempt to reach Eric, which attracted a nearby Spinosaurus.


"Please stop..."
—Cooper to Udesky and Nash on the runway on Isla Sorna, moments before his death(src)

Nash and Udesky made it back to the plane before Cooper, and took off without him. Cooper made an attempt to combat the predator, but to no avail. Injured and weaponless, Cooper tried to flag the departing plane down; aware that Nash and Udesky were likely unable to stop and pick him up, he nonetheless uttered a disconsolate plea for them to do so. It was at that point that the pursuing Spinosaurus emerged from the trees and devoured him. Meanwhile, the oncoming plane clipped the Spinosaur's sail, and it spiraled out of control and crashed into the trees.

As the duly reduced party of survivors travelled to Isla Sorna's coast to signal for help two days later, Cooper's sunglasses, femur, and watch were later found in the Spinosaurus' dung as they searched for Paul Kirby's satellite phone, which had been consumed by the Spinosaurus along with Nash shortly after Cooper's own death.

All that's left of Cooper

Dr. Grant and the Kirbys sorting through a mound of Spinosaurus feces containing Cooper's remains.

Personality and traitsEdit

A career mercenary, Cooper was perfectly willing to employ extreme measures to ensure a job proceeded smoothly, as evidenced when he assaulted Dr. Alan Grant to silence his protests against landing on Isla Sorna. Ultimately, Cooper valued his own life greatly, and was visibly afraid during his encounter with the Spinosaurus, screaming in terror as he was cut down and devoured by the beast.

His sidearm of choice was a Heckler and Koch USP pistol, but he was also skilled in firing the 20mm Einhorn rifle.

Behind the scenesEdit

Cooper made his only franchise appearance in Jurassic Park III in 2001, portrayed by John Diehl. He is introduced early in the film and appears in several subsequent scenes until his death.

Cooper also appears as a playable character in LEGO Jurassic World. He is armed with a rifle modelled on the Einhorn he wields in the film.