This article is about an ACU Trooper in Jurassic World. For the mercenary in Jurassic Park III, see Cooper the Mercenary.

Cooper was an Asset Containment Unit trooper at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar in 2015. His team lead by Austin ventured into the jungle accompanied by another team lead by Katashi Hamada. As the two teams approached the I. rex's location, they soon discovered it had torn out its tracking implant. As Hamada inspected the piece of flesh, a drop of blood fell on his wrist. Looking up, he soon discovered that it was only the Indominus' blood dripping from the tree branches above.

However, the hybrid soon revealed itself to the shocked operatives. Hamada then realised the dinosaur could camouflage and tried to run from it, but was ultimately picked up in its massive claws. Cooper and the other officers began firing their taser rifles and cattle prods as the dinosaur and after some effort, it dropped Hamada. As the commander tried to crawl away, he was crushed underfoot by the dinosaur.

During the Indominus' attack, Cooper, Spears, Miller and Craig attempted to subdue the hybrid with their shock prods and tasers. As the creature turned to face Craig and Spears, Cooper was unfortunately struck by the animal's tail in the process and hurled into a tree, killing him if the initial strike did not kill him first.