At an airport in Puerto Cortes, Jack Thorne watches Ian Malcolm and Eddie Carr assist workers in securing large cargo containers that house their field vehicles to two large Huey helicopters. An airport official checks Thorne's papers, and repeatedly asks Thorne if they are adequately prepared as there are no fuel stations or any sort of help for them on Isla Sorna if they get into trouble. Thorne tells the man they are prepared, and with a little luck will be on the island less than 24 hours. The man remarks that its odd that a permit to travel to the island was granted at all; a few years earlier the government had issues with one of the islands and forbade tourists to travel to any of them.

Sometime later, the three men are on their way to Isla Sorna. The pilot points out the island chain to Thorne, indicating that the largest one north of them is Sorna. Thorne asks if the pilot has ever been there; the pilot denies ever being there, but believes there is a landing site as several years ago Americans would come and go from the island on a somewhat regular basis. Thorne inquires if Germans had been to the island recently, to which the pilot states that there haven't been any Germans on the island since World War 2. Thorne asks how boats could land on the island; the pilot tells him of some sea caves eroded into the side of the island that, when the weather is right, you could sail through it into the island. Inquiring if the pilot could possibly bring Sarah out should she decide to come, the pilot tells Thorne that he has a job elsewhere tomorrow and she'd have to seek passage on a boat. The helicopter passes over the large cliff and the vast jungle of Isla Sorna spreads out beneath them. Soon enough they find a safe place to land.