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The San Francisco Law of Offices of Cowan, Swain and Ross were InGen's main supporter prior to and during the events at Jurassic Park.


One of their attorneys, Donald Gennaro, on his first project, helped wealthy and flamboyant venture capitalist John Hammond found International Genetic Technologies—InGen—by going to investment consortia.  After an incident involving the death of an employee, the law office decided to send Donald Gennaro along with three other scientists to test the park's safety. Gennaro's boss, Mr. Daniel Ross, told Gennaro to burn Isla Nublar to the ground if he felt that the park was in any way unstable. The law office itself consisted of a large glass conference room and several business offices for attourneys.


Early drafts of the film included Daniel Ross, the firms' main attourney, with a prostetic arm. This idea was scrapped, as it contained little significance to the overall storyline.


  • If the InGen phone number from Jurassic Park: The Game Special Edition Box Set is called, a recorded receptionist responds: "Thank you for calling InGen, our offices are currently closed. If you are a member of our south-pacific program, you will be contacted shortly. For any further information, please contact Daniel Ross, at Cowan, Swain and Ross. Thank you, and have a nice day."