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    Craig was an Asset Containment Unit trooper at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar in 2015.


During the 2015 Isla Nublar Incident, Craig was part of a team consisting of himself, Katashi Hamada, Lee and Meyers. They were called in, along with another team lead by Austin, to recapture the Indominus rex, which had escaped its paddock and killed 2 workers.

Upon arriving at the asset's last recorded location, the 2 teams discovered that the Indominus had torn out its tracking-implant. While his commander Hamada was observing the bloody piece of flesh containing the implant, the hybrid ambushed the team and seized Hamada. Craig and the others managed to temporarily stun the hybrid with their cattle-prods and taser-rifles, causing it to drop Hamada though inadvertently electrocuting him as well. They were unable to save him, however, as he was crushed underfoot by the Indominus.

During the Indominus' ensuing attack, Craig, Miller, Spears and Cooper attempted to subdue it with their cattle-prods and taser-rifles, confusing the hybrid. Angered, the creature struck Cooper with its tail, hurling him into a tree and killing him. Seeing this, Craig and Spears attempted to escape, however Craig was seized by the hybrid and thrown backwards at a tree branch, snapping his spinal cord and killing him instantly.


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