"Listen, he was a wonderful young man... and I am sad. I really am."
Laura Sorkin talks to Jess Harding about David(src)

David Banks was an InGen scientist and Dr. Laura Sorkin's research assistant. He stayed with her at the Isla Nublar Field Lab and they were both left behind on the island during the Incident. On the day after the Incident occurred, David ignored Sorkin's warning and headed over to the Quarantine Pens, where he was ambushed and devoured by Velociraptors, or possibly by the Troodon.


Laura SorkinEdit

Laura mourns his death in Episode 2, implying she shared a strong bond of friendship with him.


Trivia Edit

  • His portrayer and voice actor is James Horan.
  • David may have assisted Laura with the creation of the Troodon, or at least might have helped her cover up their existence after John Hammond ordered them to be euthanized.
  • David is one of the two "invisible characters" in Jurassic Park: The Game; the other being Nima's daughter Atlanta. However, unlike Atlanta, David's voice is heard in Episode 1 during a conversation with Sorkin.