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Deinocheirus is one of the dinosaurs in the game. It is a legendary tournament dinosaur. Its hump appears to be much less pronounced than in real life, until its final evolution. An interesting feature to the Deinocheirus in the game is that it has fur-like feathers, which it had in reality. Despite being an ornithomimid, in the game, it uses the same model for the therizinosaurids, Therizinosaurus, Segnosaurus, and Erlikosaurus although it is likely because Deinocheirus looks more like a therizinosaurid than a ornithomimid.

Information Edit

Deinocheirus is unlocked by winning a Deinocheirus pack from either the roulette or if the player places in the top 1% of the Deinocheirus tournament.

Cost and Time to Hatch
Availability Legendary
Incubation Period 5 Days (5:21:00)
Placement Cost Free (1st Individual, Card Packs)

5,500 DNA

Level-Based StatsEdit

Level Health Attack Income
10 342 249 2640/1H
20 586 427 10560/1H
30 893 651 31680/1H
40 1264 922 84480/1H