In Puerto Cortes, Dodgson and Baselton are waiting in a cafe; Dodgson nursing a beer while Baselton dines on huevos rancheros. When Baselton finishes eating, he discusses with Dodgson how to handle the situation. Dodgson, irritated after waiting nearly an hour for King to arrive, snaps at Baselton stating there is nothing to handle unless they can get to Isla Sorna. Baselton presses on, stating the importance of how their discovery is presented to the world; Dodgson chuckles at the mention of it being "their" discovery. Baselton reasons that, since InGen is bankrupt and their technology is lost to mankind, rediscovering it would make it all theirs by default since InGen is gone and can no longer claim ownership of either the dinosaurs or the cloning technology that created them. To legitimize their claim, Baselton proposes announcing their discovery to Nature magazine and then later on to various other scientific publications. King finally shows up, with a local in tow; Dodgson shows the man a photo of Levine whom the man recognizes. He says that his cousin Dieguito took Levine to Isla Sorna a few days ago and they haven't returned yet. King says the man has a boat, and Dodgson asks the man to take them to the island. The man is hesitant due to the weather, but after being showed a large sum of money he states that they can be ready to leave in two hours. Dodgson agrees to this, sipping his beer.