Don't Remember You is a song written and performed by Jared Emerson-Johnson and the Lysine Contingency. It was sung in Jurassic Park: The Game as one of the radio songs Artie Bridges plays from Dr. Sorkin's records for the Jurassic Park employees leaving the island.


Well, don't you you know that I'm lonely?

And you don't seem to care

Why did you have to leave me?

It just don't seem fair

When you left me for another

You left me here all alone

And all the pain down deep inside

I can't describe

But now I wake up in the Morning

And I wonder if our love was real

You left me without a warning

And now I'm waiting for my heart to heal

So now it's time to move on

Our time is done

I think you know that I am ready

It's time to start a new chapter

I'll be right home

And that if very steady

Won't remember you

Don't remember you


Don't Remember You - Jurassic Park The Game OST02:18

Don't Remember You - Jurassic Park The Game OST

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