Doctor Reiman was a physicist from Berkeley that was engaged to and later married to Ellen "Ellie" Sattler. He is only briefly mentioned in the first and second novels. According to Ed James, they had a young son and daughter.


When Tim Murphy asks Alan Grant if he is "with" Dr. Sattler, Grant first replies that she is his student, and then when Tim asks if he is going to marry her, Grant states "No, she's marrying a nice doctor in Chicago sometime next year".

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

Reiman and Sattler married sometime in 1990. Six years after the accident in 1989, they had two children. Ellie worked at the University in Berkley, but had lately begun to stay home after the children were born.


  • It is unknown what type of physics doctor Reiman is, as he is just referred to as a physicist.
  • He is replaced in Jurassic Park III by Mark Degler.