East Dock road sign in Jurassic Park

"Our east dock is where we receive all of the supplies that can’t be produced on the island and where our staff members travel from when they need to return to the mainland."
—Tour the Island Website(src)

The East Dock was the shipping port for Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar. The dock was first mentioned in the first Jurassic Park novel, after that it appeared in other Jurassic Park canon's that take place on Isla Nublar.


East Dock

East Dock

East Dock information.

InGen built the East Dock between 1989 and 1993 during the construction of Jurassic Park as a shipping port for Isla Nublar, the island the dock and Jurassic Park were being built on. Barney was the dockmaster of the East Dock.[1]

During the storm that occurred the night of the Isla Nublar Incident of 1993, many InGen personal left the island through via the East Dock. It was also the location where Dennis Nedry was supposed to meet Lewis Dodgson's acquaintances so he could trade off the Barbasol can Dodgson gave him for his payment. Due to the heavy rainfall, Dennis goes off the road to the dock and ends up crashing his vehicle as well as damaging the sign for the East Dock. He soon staked it back in place, albeit with its arrow pointing upward.[2]

Since Dennis never arrived because he fell victim to a Dilophosaurus, Miles Chadwick and Nima Cruz, the people he was supposed to meet, went to search for him. In the process, they knocked out Barney so they would be unnoticed by Jurassic Park's security.[1]

New Docks

The remains of the East Dock sign circa 2015.

The East Dock was torn down by InGen clean up teams that arrived on Isla Nublar after the incident. However, the dock's sign was not removed and remained on the island for 22 years or more.[3]



A dock was created for Jurassic Park. It was built around 1987 or 1989. The dock lacked a breakwater structure for it, so shipping takes longer during heavy weather conditions. John Arnold did not like this lack of a feature, especially during the storm during the InGen Incident.

The dock was destroyed along with the rest of Jurassic Park during the Costa Rica Napalm Bombing of Isla Nublar right after the InGen Incident. The dock is mentioned in the Jurassic Park novel. John Arnold complains that Hammond didn't build a, so docking takes a lot of time during a storm.


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