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"Ed Regis. We've got a very sick man here, doctor"
Ed Regis to Dr. Bobbie Carter in (src)

Ed Regis was the red-haired Public Relations Manager for InGen.

He once took an injured worker to a clinic building in Bahía Anasco. He was forced into being a tour guide for the first tour of Jurassic Park, as well as a baby-sitter for Lex and Tim. After the power went down he peed his pants and left the children in the car with the door open and went to hide in a pile of boulders during the attack by Rexy.

He was eaten by the Juvenile Tyrannosaur when he returned to hike back to the main visitor facilities. His severed leg was found by Ian Malcolm, Robert Muldoon, and Donald Gennaro.

In the filmEdit

Ed Regis does not appear in Jurassic Park, though some of his actions were transferred to Donald Gennaro. When Michael Crichton wrote the original script for Jurassic Park, Ed Regis was in it, and Donald Gennaro was taken out completely. Similar to the novel, he was supposed to be eaten by Rexy, but he was cut out of the film by the time casting started and Gennaro was re-instated to assume his role.

Elements of Regis' character were also transferred to Zara in Jurassic World.

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