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"Spin your DNA silly on our simulated Egg Spinner. "
—Park Map(src)
Egg Spinner icon

Egg Spinner icon.

The Egg Spinner or the Scrambler[1] is a carousel ride in Jurassic World. The Egg Spinner is named and designed after the artificial nests in the Hammond Creation Lab. In these incubators dinosaur eggs are occasionally turned around.

The target audience of this attraction are little children. Children get in and get spun around at high speed. Adults can also enter this attraction.[1] This attraction is part of a collections of child areas named the "Jurassic Kids' Club".[2]

The Egg Spinner is located among the hotels in the South-Western part of the Jurassic World Lagoon.[3]


The Egg Spinner is never actually seen in the film or promotional pictures. The attraction was briefly mentioned by Zach Mitchell. While he and his older brother were visiting the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo, Gray asked if he wanted to "on the spinning dinosaur eggs". This is odd, considering that the Egg Spinner is supposed to be located on the other side of the lake.

Video gamesEdit

Egg Spinner Ride

In the mobile game Jurassic World: The Game there is a building called the "Egg Spinner Ride". It is clearly designed after the egg incubators seen throughout the movies; complete with robotic arm.

  • Price:
  • Size:
  • Construction time: 09:20:00[4]
  • Available: level 56
  • Earning: 2940
  • Earning time: 7 hour


Egg Spinner map

"Spin until your brain's scrambled on our exciting recreation of the Hammond Creation Lab's egg spinner. You'll have so much fun, you might feel like you've been genetically resequenced." -, Kids.

"Spin your DNA silly on our simulated Egg Spinner." -, Park Map.

"An egg-travaganza of excitement for all family members as you scramble with delight in this spinning ride." - Jurassic World map.

"Wanna go on the spinning dinosaur eggs?" - Gray Mitchell.


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