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"Crowned Crocodile"

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Devil Horn




13 ft


Isla Nublar
Isla Sorna

Toy appearances

Jurassic Park Series 2 (as a prototype)
The Lost World Series 1

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Estemmenosuchus ("Crowned Crocodile") is a genus of large, early omnivorous therapsid that lived during the middle part of the Middle Permian period. It was among the largest animals of its day, and is characterised by distinctive horn-like structures, probably for intra-specific display. Two species of Estemmenosuchus are known, both from the Perm (or Cis-Urals) region of Russia.

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Estemmenosuchus was a large, clumsy-looking animal, the size of an adult bull, with a sprawling posture. The skull is high and massive, and possesses several sets of large horns, looking a little like the antlers of a moose, growing upwards and outwards from the sides and top of the head.

The skull superficially resembles that of Styracocephalus, but the "horns" are formed from different bones; in Estemmenosuchus the horns are located on the frontals and directed upwards, whereas in Styracocephalus the horns are formed by the tabular and extend to the rear.

Jurassic Park FranchiseEdit

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Estemmenosuchus did not appear in the Jurassic Park novels or the movies. It only appeared in two Jurassic Park toy lines: Jurassic Park Series 2 as a prototype and The Lost World Series 1 in a set with Scutosaurus.