Chaos eurocopter

The helicopter swinging a cage down at Alan Grant and Michael Wolfskin.

The Eurocopter MBB BO-105 was a license built version of the Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm BO-105. One fitted with side-mounted guns was utilized by Biosyn during their attempt to take over Isla Nublar. Biosyn was apparently using it in their efforts to capture several Gallimimus. When Alan Grant and Michael Wolfskin intervened, the BO-105 attacked them, first by dropping bombs on them. It then flew away.

Returning later, this time it had a large (empty) cage dangling from its undercarriage. It attempted to kill the duo by swinging the cage at them, but after being shot enough times, the chain connecting the cage to the helicopter broke and it dropped. As the BO-105 circled around for another attack, Grant and Wolfskin stood on the top of the cage and resumed firing at it until finally it crashed and exploded.