Inside the animal testing laboratory at the BioSyn Corporation headquarters, researcher Lewis Dodgson has a secret meeting with his boss Rossiter. To Rossiter's exasperation, Dodgson tells his boss that he may have found a way to acquire InGen's cloning technology. Rossiter reminds Dodgson of his many failed attempts to get InGen tech; bribing Dennis Nedry to steal dinosaur embryos for them, bribing a corporate marriage-broker for access and even offering to buy InGen outright when the company was in Chapter 11. Nothing worked; InGen's investors would not sell. Dodgson insists that the tech is obtainable, and their company's future may depend upon it due to the rising legal and ethical  issues stemming from animal research. Dodgson believes in the near future it will be too costly to experiment on animals due to lawsuits and such; if they had their own patented animals to experiment on it would bypass the entire issue. Extinct animals, such as dinosaurs, have no rights; the only reason they would exist is because man re-created them. They would be property, to do with as they wish. Rossiter looks at Dodgson for a moment, and asks him if the animals still exist in the world to which Dodgson nods yes. Rossiter gives him the go-ahead, but tells Dodgson that this is the final time he will hear anything on InGen or the latter's dinosaurs; if he fails this time, its over.