JP 02

The tour car #02 making its debut appearance in Jurassic Park: The Game

EXP 02 was a Ford Explorer Tour Vehicle. It was used for the Safari Tour Ride of Jurassic Park.

On the morning after the Isla Nublar Incident, InGen paleogeneticist Laura Sorkin managed to access the Jurassic Park mainframe remotely from the Isla Nublar Field Lab. Through the security cameras she located park veterinarian Gerry Harding and his daughter Jess stranded on the main Tour Road adjacent to the Triceratops Paddock. By gaining access to the tour program, Sorkin was able to dispatch EXP 02 to recover the Hardings and their unconscious companion Nima. Returning its passengers to the Visitor Center, EXP 02 was subsequently reactivated by Sorkin at Harding's prompt as a means of luring away the rampaging T. rex.

Sorkin never issued the stop command for the tour program, and despite receiving extreme damage from the T. rex, EXP 02 continued to faithfully circle the park's tour roads through the course of the following day and night, its onboard systems continuing to play interactive tour materials for the benefit of non-existent passengers. It subsequently came across Harding and Nima when it made a night-time stop at one of Isla Nublar's view points, en route to the park's Marine Facility, at which point the two made use of EXP 02 as transportation, thereby avoiding a tedious overland hike.