After leaving Levine's apartment, Thorne and the kids return to Thorne's shop. As they enter the workshop, Thorne's assistant Eddie Carr informs them that the Explorer and the trailers are complete and ready to go; Thorne tells him to pack because they are leaving immediately. As Eddie prepares, Thorne enters his office to place a call to Sarah Harding to tell her where they are going. Arby and Kelly state that they are going too, which Thorne adamantly refuses stating its too dangerous. The kids try to talk to Malcolm, who agrees with Thorne. Thorne tells them to go home as its getting late, and the two leave the office. Before leaving, they go inside the trailers to have a look around; Kelly notices books about Adaptive Biological Systems, Dinosaurs of North America as well as books on evolution. Those books, coupled with Levine's frantic call about things that he can "smell at night" as well as how strong the trailers were built make her uneasy. Eddie finds them in the trailer and hurries them out the door.