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    Friar Tuck was the Pachycephalosaurus that was captured by the InGen Harvest team on an Isla Sorna game trail in 1997. This particular Pachycephalosaurus was named by Roland Tembo who came up with the nick-name out of his inability to pronounce “Pachycephalosaurus“. After being cornered by a group of harvesters, Friar Tuck managed to charge through the attempted captors and rammed one of the modified Jeeps, sending Carter through the vehicle. After chasing Friar Tuck back down, the harvesters used their Snagger vehicle to pin the Pachycephalosaurus down while the rest of the harvesters subdued the animal with snare poles. Like the other animals, Friar Tuck was freed by Sarah Harding and Nick Van Owen and attack Ludlow's men before running back into the wild.

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Jurassic Park Pachycephalosaurus "Friar Tuck" Sound Effects HD05:55

Jurassic Park Pachycephalosaurus "Friar Tuck" Sound Effects HD

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